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Review of the Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture- not just a body wash- great for bubble bath and shaving cream too!

Help! I Just Clicked Gmail’s Automated Responses and Now I am On a Deserted Island in Fiji for Having Accrued Too Much Debt

by BROTI GUPTA and KAREN CHEE @ McSweeney’s

“Thank you! You, too!”

“What was that?”

“Oh, okay.”

“That sounds great!”

“That also sounds great!”

“That doesn’t sound as good.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long. And wouldn’t it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong?”

“What do you mean these ‘lyrics’ are taken? I just published it as an original poem.”

“No, I thought of them independently! I’ve never even met a Beach Man before.”

“OK, well it seems like they should be Men by now.”

“No, I would not like a lawyer at this time.”

“Actually, I would like one immediately. A female lawyer is fine. I am a male feminist.”

“The legal prep is going well. I’m picking up good vibrations. She’s giving me excitations.”

“Of course I did not mean that sexually. I read bell hooks once, and it was good.”

“Hold on, those are also lyrics?”

“Maybe I’m a musical prodigy.”

“THEY want to meet ME?”

“Oh, well can I ask for their autographs in court?”

“Yes, fine, I will flee the country until you figure this out.”

“One way sounds fine, I’ll book when I get there.”

“Quick question: where exactly is Fiji and how many islands does it have? Is there Wi-Fi?”

“My lawyer, lost at sea?? Good luck, fish!”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to make light of it.”

“Yes, I can make the memorial service next week.”

“Bring the body?”

“Please resend longitude and latitude.”

“Weak signal, but sailed to neighboring island. Will loop you in soon.”

“Boat sailed away. Cell tower was mirage. Turned out to be a tree.”

“Lost the case? Lost the lawyer too.”

“Sand tastes terrible.”

“It’s been one week on the island.”

“Sand is tasting better now.”

“Week seventy: my only dreams are about the island. Life before it means nothing.”

“I’ve been so bored that I started writing music. No lyrics though, don’t worry. Wanna listen?”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. The MELODY?”

“No, of course I didn’t! Has anyone ever surfed the U.S.A.? That’s not even possible with all the land!”

“So far I have to pay for the funeral, a new lawyer, the court fees, and now three songs?”

“Okay, ha-ha, you created an email address for my landlord.”

“So far I have to pay for the funeral, a new lawyer, the court fees, three songs, and RENT????”

“Week one-hundred forty: I’m married to Philip. We had been dating on and off for a few months. At first, I thought I wouldn’t get into anything serious, but as time went on, our relationship solidified. He is my soul. He is my purpose. He is my rock. He is a coconut. He fell out of a tree and landed directly onto me, forever changing my life and permanently damaging my left knee. I am devastated to report that he is cheating on me. The last thing I wanted was to be clingy, but while I was working through my trust issues, he found solace in Elizabeth, another coconut, who is not in debt because, again, she is a coconut. The nights are sad, dry, and lonely, and the days are exactly the same, but drier. I keep running into Philip and Elizabeth rolling around together and it wrecks my heart. My only respite from this hell are the moments that I spend looking after mine and Philip’s son. Yes, I am a mother — a good mother at that. My boy used to be part of the boat that brought me here. I think we’ll be alright, Danny and I. We’ll have to be.”

“Thank you! You, too!”

Opening Remarks from This Year’s Annual Rosh Hashanah Satanic Conclave Hosted by the Global Zionist Cabal

by ANDREW PAUL @ McSweeney’s

Good morning and yom tov, fellow Jewish blood brethren! On behalf of all of us here on the Supreme Council, I’d like to welcome each and every one of you to 5778’s Annual Rosh Hashanah Satanic Conclave. It’s been quite the year for string-pulling, shadow financing — hell, just for general machinations overall — and I want to first thank you all for really putting in the extra work in kicking off what I think will be our greatest Western Cultural Purge to date. I mean this from the bottom of my heart: we couldn’t have done this without your tireless scheming.

In terms of public outreach, I think our Hate Crime Hoax Unit did a particularly bang-up job. According to the forged data they supplied to the media and other outlets, anti-Semitic “occurrences” have soared across the board. In New York City, we convinced the NYPD of a 110% increase in reported incidents within the first two months of the gentiles’ 2017 alone! Great work, guys. This has done a fantastic job of really throwing the general public off our trail while we further our conquest of American society. I hear that many of them actually think this is some of the highest levels of anti-Jewish sentiment since before 1933’s Great Hoax! Incredible work.

On a bigger level, the Shadow Government really knocked it out of the park with this sham White House administration. I know a lot of you raised an eyebrow when we chose people like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, but I want to shine a spotlight on them there at the back table. Steve, Sebastian — please take a stand. No, no, you earned it. These two mole operatives spent years supposedly advancing white identitarian ideals and nationalist jingoism to the forefront of America’s dialogue, further ensuring that the goyim are distracted with bigoted fervor while the Shadow Government puts the finishing touches on replacing all of Congress with our recently-acquired shapeshifting reptilian slave army. I know of few people more devoted to the cause of Jewish domination — Gorka even spent time with an obscure Hungarian Nazi-sympathizing political party, going so far as to walk around wearing one of their medals! That’s method acting that some of our Hollywood brothers and sisters still struggle to achieve. Great job, you two. You’ve more than earned your condos on our Moon Base.

As for social media infiltration, well, I think that speaks for itself. While everyone is in a titter about Acolyte Mark Zuckerberg potentially running for “President,” Facebook’s ad targeting has allowed us to "market specifically to “Jew Haters.” Our enemy database is now that much more thorough in time for the Reckoning. Also, I’d be remiss in not admitting that PewDiePie’s success has gone far beyond what I thought possible. I know I was initially on the fence about employing an Aryan traitor as YouTube’s biggest star, but man, did he pull out all the stops with those Nazi jokes. On top of that, those subtle jabs at our Media Division by saying that we were “out to get him?” Genius, pure and simple. He’ll be spared sacrifice at the Reckoning, for sure. Goes to show that even the Chief Elder Rabbi is wrong sometimes!

I know that sometimes, at first glance, these all might not seem like the most straightforward approaches to overthrowing capitalism. Heck, some of our choices might sound plain counter-intuitive, bordering on nonsensical. But that, my brothers and sisters, is the key to our success after all these generations. Dizzying plots and logistically inconceivable feats of conniving are our matzoh and butter, people! And, if I may be so bold, I predict that 5778 will be the year it all falls into place for us. Now, let’s top off our goblets of Christian babies’ blood and raise a toast to this past year and all its successes. Praised be to Mammon!



Unilever USA

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Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Pump, 34 oz -

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Pump, 34 oz -

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Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars ONLY $0.50 at Kroger!!

by Katie @ Kroger Krazy

Print up this BOGO coupon for Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars and pay ONLY $0.50 each! Zone Perfect Nutriont Bars (1.76-1.96 oz) – $1.00 (Reg Price)Buy 2, Use Buy One ZonePerfect or ZonePerfect Revitalize single bar, Get ONE (1) FREE* (up to $1.36 value) printableFinal cost is as low as $0.50 each

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DIY Dove Body Wash from Bar Soap - Savor + Savvy

DIY Dove Body Wash from Bar Soap - Savor + Savvy

Savor + Savvy

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy to learn more. This post was 100% inspired by you guys! When I wrote this post, several of you commented about how you make your own body wash from bar soap. I figured it was time I gave it a try and decided to go …

Dove’s new body wash bottles have people confused, angry and amused

Dove’s new body wash bottles have people confused, angry and amused


A new ad from Dove soap is creating quite a stir on social media - and some confusion.As part of its real beauty campaign, Dove has unveiled six differently-shaped bottles of body wash. The company says the bottles evoke all the various shapes and sizes th

New Printable Coupons! Sargento, Neutrogena, Barilla, Baby Dove AND MORE!

by Katie @ Kroger Krazy

Here are the printable coupons that I see that are new this week. Make sure to take a look at what we have here and print the ones you like. Some may last a while and some may disappear quickly. As a reminder, you can print two of each coupon from each computer/mobile device. SAVE […]

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Dove's new body wash bottles are designed to match different body types — and the internet can't stop making fun of it

Dove's new body wash bottles are designed to match different body types — and the internet can't stop making fun of it

Business Insider

Dove's latest "Real Beauty" campaign just fell flat, and the memes are glorious.



Unilever global company website

Dove is committed to helping women realise their personal potential for beauty by engaging them with products that deliver real care.

Dove's Female Friendly-Body Wash Bottles Seriously Backfired

Dove's Female Friendly-Body Wash Bottles Seriously Backfired


You're SUCH a curvy body wash bottle.

CVS: FREE Olay Body Wash

by Melissa Hau @ CouponMom Blog

CVS deals list: free Olay body wash starting 9/24. Spend $30 on select deodorants or body wash and get $10 Extra Bucks. Assuming you spend $30, this item will earn $2.29 towards the promotion. Prior to 9/24, click on the “Preview Upcoming Deals” link at the top of the deals page. Buy 1- Olay Body […]

Irish Springs Body Wash: $0.99 at Rite Aid

by Delly Mellor @ Delly's Deals

Irish Springs Body Wash is on sale at Rite Aid AND we have a matching printable or newspaper coupon! Even better, Rite Aid is offering a $2 in-store coupon that you can also use to make it only $0.99! Buy: (1) Irish Spring or Irish Spring Gear Body Wash- $3.99 with Rite Aid card Use: […]

Dove Skin Care TV Commercial, 'Spa Test'

Dove Skin Care TV Commercial, 'Spa Test'

A group of women are invited by Dove to a spa to test out a new body wash. When entering the shower, they discover a bottle of generic dish soap waiting for them. The women learn that some body washes share a few chemicals that dish soaps use.

This Body Wash Is Basically a Lotion and Soap in One

This Body Wash Is Basically a Lotion and Soap in One


Your skin will never feel softer

Dove's ridiculous new body wash bottles are the apotheosis of its "real beauty" campaigns

Dove's ridiculous new body wash bottles are the apotheosis of its "real beauty" campaigns


All soap bottles—I mean, women—are beautiful as they are.

List: Other Elton John Songs That Donald Trump Uses to Refer to World Leaders

by TOM SMYTH @ McSweeney’s

“Rocket Man” – Kim Jong Un (North Korea)

“Bennie and the Jets” – Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)

“Crocodile Rock” – Malcolm Turnbull (Australia)

“All Quiet on the Western Front” – Angela Merkel (Germany)

“Border Song” – Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico)

“Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher” – Theresa May (United Kingdom)

“Candle in the Wind” – Queen Elizabeth (United Kingdom)

“Blue Eyes” – Justin Trudeau (Canada)

“Tiny Dancer” – Emmanuel Macron (France)

“Hakuna Matata” – Barack Obama (Kenya)

“Little Jeannie” – Jean-Claude Juncker (European Union)

“Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” – Pope Francis (Vatican City)

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight/Nikita” – Vladimir Putin (Russia)

ShopRite: FREE St. Ives Body Wash Thru 9/30!

by Zoe @ FTM

ShopRite: FREE St. Ives Body Wash Thru 9/30! We told you about this awesome deal earlier and it looks like ShopRite has answered our wishes. This week thru 9/30 St. Ives Body Wash is on sale for just $1.99 each and we have a high value $1.50 off ONE St. Ives product coupon from the […]

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Active Ingredients for Dove Body Wash

Active Ingredients for Dove Body Wash


Dove body wash is advertised as a product that soothes, nourishes, hydrates and cleans your skin at the same time. The product purports to have “100 percent natural moisturizers.” Dove body wash has several active ingredients, from those that help hydrate your skin to those that help to clean it.

TMZ Coverage of Historic Celebrity Feuds

by BOB VULFOV @ McSweeney’s

Cain and Abel

The first two sons of Adam and Eve are at it again. Cain is FURIOUS that Abel’s sacrifice was better received by God and now, the battle lines are drawn in sheep’s blood. Drama alert! Abel took out a restraining order against Cain last month, claiming in court documents that Cain kept asking him to go into the fields with him alone. Abel said to the judge, “I know he’s just gonna kill me out there!” Cain vehemently denies these allegations and plans to file a countersuit for libel. God offered some straightforward advice to the two siblings: “Work. It. Out.”

Martin Luther and Pope Leo X

The Pope has a clear message for Martin Luther when it comes to the Catholic Church: You’re outta here! Martin Luther’s manager tells TMZ that his client has been EXCOMMUNICATED from the Church. The latest blowup between these two comes on the heels of Luther accusing the Catholic Church of nepotism, corruption, and the sale of indulgences. Uh, was one of the 95 Theses an invitation to Martin Luther’s barbecue? Because we smell beef!

Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke

Royal Society sources tell TMZ that Isaac Newton still really, really, really doesn’t like Robert Hooke and thinks he’s a “punk with a microscope.” Hooke came after Newton in his latest diss letter, accusing the latter of plagiarism and saying, “Stop comparing me to Newton, he doesn’t even write his own theories!” The allegation is even more shocking because Hooke featured ON NEWTON’S LATEST ACADEMIC WORK, PRINCIPIA! Newton fired back by scrubbing every reference to Hooke in Principia. Looks like we’ve found two objects that can’t be brought together by gravity.

The Hatfields and the McCoys

These two Appalachian families are embroiled in a nasty feud that’s burnin’ hotter than a skillet full of spoonbread. Last evening, William Anderson Hatfield hopped on a table at his local tavern and yelled to the patrons: the McCoys CROSSED A LINE by stabbing two Hatfield brothers. The patriarch of the McCoy family, Randolph “Old Ranel” McCoy was livid after hearing about Hatfield’s tavern call-out, telling him, “You know what, dude? Let’s just f***ing fight already! Me and you. Enough of this family drama.” We’ll reach out to Hatfield for his reaction … stay tuned.

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

It’s official! TMZ spoke with representatives from both sides, who said that a date has FINALLY BEEN SET for the long-awaited duel between Hamilton and Burr. Both men will use Wogdon duelling pistols and will square off in Weehawken, NJ. The trash talk has already begun, with Burr calling Hamilton a “Federalist coward of low stock.” Wow, more like Aaron Burn! We’re in line for a lot more epic trash track as both duelers have signed on to do press conferences together in Toronto, Brooklyn, and London before the duel on July 11th.

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla

Sorry, Nikola Tesla, but Thomas Edison won’t be apologizing anytime soon for calling Tesla’s alternating current technology “impractical” and “lame.” The Edison Electric Light Company frontman LAID INTO Tesla during an interview with TMZ, calling Tesla a “lunatic germaphobe with a ridiculous wardrobe.” Ouch. Edison claims he wasn’t trying to start beef, but the damage has been done. Tesla has apparently locked himself inside his laboratory/home, going full-recluse and only interacting with pigeons. As sources put it, “Nikola is slipping into a dark place.” Our thoughts are with Tesla… hopefully he builds some sort of machine that’ll light up that dark place for him.

Monologue: I’m Diana From Anne of Green Gables and I am Fucking Drunk

by ZOE DANIELS @ McSweeney’s

Holy shit holy shit holy shit. That cordial was cor-dialllll, right, Anne? Anne? ANNE! ANNNNNEEEEEEE! Hahahahah, oh my god I’m just here like screaming your name and you’re right there! On the other side of the kitchen island! I mean, it’s not an island in the kitchen, like we’re in a kitchen on an island. Like Prince Edward Island! Where we LIVE! Ahahahahah oh my god whoa. Like, whoa. Do you know what? You are my best friend, do you know that? You know that. Can I see your bosom? Ew, no, not like that, just, like, I don’t know. I’ve never seen any except on the pigs and I don’t think that’s what they’re supposed to look like anyway. God, come on. Don’t be such a prude! I’ll show you mine!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You gotta do it, go real low then stand up. Try it! Seriously! Oh my god, it’s like… WHOA, you know? Ugh, where is all the DICK! I’m so horny I’d fuck Fred — what’s his name? The pink-faced one? He’s like, ugly hot, you know? Like, you hate yourself but that’s part of it. Omigod, shut up Anne you’re gonna marry Gilbert Fuckin’ Blythe but the rest of us gotta eat, too. Is Ruby Gillis’s brother around? Still? Because I would. You know I would.

Shhhh! Shhhh! Oh shit oh shit is that my mom. Oh shit, shut up. Anne! No, I’m down here behind the cupboard. Say I’m sick! Say you’re sick! Say I’m a pig because I’m on the floor and my tits are out! Hahahahah! No, no, no, okay, no. MAMA? HI, MAMA! I’M JUST LEAVING WITH ANNE! SHIRLEY! YOU KNOW, MY BOSOM BUDDY! YEP! BYE! Hahahahahah oh god Anne she knows. WE’RE GOING FOR A WALK AROUND THE FIELDS! BYEEEEE!

Close the door. Anne! The door! Oh my god oh god okay. Whoa, it’s cold. I feel way better. I feel good. I’m fine. Walking is fine. No, hold on to my arm! Ah! Isn’t this great? Two gals, our whole lives ahead of each other? Except, I guess, me, because I know this is impossible but I just have this feeling that, like, I’m not going to get old. Or, like, I’m not going to age. I know that’s ridiculous, but look at me! I’m so ALIVE! I’m so HUMAN! Anne! Anne! Look at that fence! Don’t you think sometimes that it’s so sad how we keep horses in FENCES? Like, they were made to run free. To walk around and, I don’t know, eat apples? Have their own lives? But I guess they want to stay with their horse families. We sold a horse once, but I was glad. He was really scary, like, big and had these teeth like an old-timey puppet. I guess the puppets maybe had horse teeth. I’ve never made a puppet. I bet Matthew would love to make you a puppet! You should ask him. What do you do with the teeth when you kill a horse? I’ve never seen a dead horse. Saw a really sick one, so you can kind of guess what’d it look like dead, but not a real dead one. Anne? Anne! Where are you? Oh my god, Anne, you can’t pee there! That’s Mama’s secondary garden!

Anne, can I just say and I know I’m being a little bit serious but let me just say — wow, I feel like Jane Andrews — No, I just mean because I’m being so SERIOUS! Can I just say I love you? So much! You’re the best thing that ever happened to—

Sorry, sorry, sorry. No, that cordial was probably bad or something. I normally don’t puke from sugar. I have a very strong sweet tooth — Hah! God, I wish I was thin. I mean! I don’t, because obviously my body is the ideal for this time and place, plus I’ve got this adorable mouth, and, yes, you’re right, this hair, but Anne. Seriously? Seriously. You are so pretty. I wish I looked like you. Seriously! I wish I—

No, I’m sorry. I’m done. I don’t need any water. I’ll just—

Seriously, this time I’m done. Absolutely. Phew.

It’s not big deal, really! I know you meant well. You know how much I love sugar, ha. No, of course I know you did it to be nice. What do I even know about calories, you know? At least you’re not a Pye. Those bitches bring me straight butter to eat and laugh while I do. They want me to get lumpy but I’ve got a corset so joke’s on them. Wow, yeah, anyway I should definitely get back inside. Mama’s gonna wonder what we went outside for. What did we go outside for? Okay, one question then we go back in.

What are Marilla’s tits like? Anne! I’m just curious! Because the pig thing! Come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never—

Honestly, that’s the last time. Honestly. I swear. The bottle was only like half full and I’ve definitely puked like three litres. Oh man. I love you. You’re the best. Seriously? Anne? YES, MAMA WE’RE OUT HERE! I’M COMING INSIDE IN A MINUTE! WE HAVE BLANKETS! WE’RE NOT COLD! You don’t have to show me your — WHOA, hahaha okay good! Because honestly I thought the little hairs were a me thing, but the pig has them too, so I was like… but no, normal! Oh god thank god I’m so glad. Okay. THANK YOU. I feel so much lighter! Probably the puking, yeah. Probably the puking. Okay, bye Anniekins, I love you, I loved your JUICE you brought! And your boobs. Your hairy boobs! Like a pig! Like me! God, I’m tired.

I wonder what a dead horse looks like.

Got Eczema? Use One of These Top Six Moisturizing Body Washes

Got Eczema? Use One of These Top Six Moisturizing Body Washes


It is important for people who have eczema to use a mild, liquid cleanser that will also moisturize the skin. Try one of these top six body washes.

Meditations for Major American Cities

by KATE VILLA @ McSweeney’s


Find a relaxing place
Whatever that means to you
A chair or pillow or snowbank will do
Begin to breathe
Think about Target
And how great Target is
Did you know that your great state is the home of Target?
Whatever that means to you
Take that in
Have you ever pronounced it Tar-jhay?
Very French
Very sophisticated
Let your body melt into the snowbank you’ve chosen
Breathe in through your nose
Take in the air that’s coming off all those lakes
How many lakes are there?
Begin to count
Stop when you get to 10,000
Because that’s how many there are
Open your eyes slowly

Los Angeles

Find a place that is warm and comfortable
Probably in your car
Just find your car
Did you park it on Montana?
You definitely parked it on Arizona.
Have you ever been to Arizona?
Let your muscles go
Drive Sit on the 405
Drive Sit on the 405
Drive Sit on the 405
You’re out of new podcasts
How does that happen
How many hours have you spent in your car this week?
Maybe you should take Wilshire
That was a mistake
Who is going to Beverly Hills at 4 pm on a Tuesday?
Clear your mind
You’ve seen the inside of the Universal lot more times this month
Than you’ve seen your mother
Breathe in
Soften your fingers
Soften your palms
Forget about your dog
He pooped on the floor
But you have a view of the valley
And a personal assistant job
You are paid hourly to pick up someone’s
Coconut water
Breathe out
You asked for this
Open your eyes slowly
Maybe you should go to law school?


Find a comfortable spot
Soften your muscles
Light up a joint
Smoke it
Breathe in
Breathe out in rings if you can
You are not high
You are getting high
You are almost high enough
You are high
Shit a little too high
Finish your hike
Plan tomorrow’s hike

San Francisco

Take off your VR headset and close your eyes
Settle into your ergonomic desk chair
Make sure your feet are flat on the floor in your Vans
Let your body relax
Take your hands off the keyboard
Breathe in through your nose
Breathe out through your mouth
take your hands off the keyboard
Let your muscles go
from the tip of your head all the way down to your toes
Hands off the keyboard
I’m going to unplug it if you can’t keep them off
I know it’s wireless
I was testing you
drain the stress from your fingertips
Make 1 million dollars
Open your eyes slowly


Flutter your eyes closed
Begin by getting into a comfortable place
Like June or July
Let the very small tide of Lake Michigan wash over you
Feel how cold the water is
Don’t fish in it
Breathe in
Breathe out
Palms to heart-center
Feel that Italian beef coming back up
Never mind it’s just a burp
Let it out
Figure out where you’re having brunch
The Cubs won the world series
The Cubs won the world series
The cubs won the world series

Whatever that means to you
Literally everything
Think about how many times you posted about the Cubs on social media this year
Open your eyes slowly


Flutter your eyes closed
Listen to the waves
You can’t sleep
Take in the rain as it hits the roof
Let it calm you
Slow your breathing
Your son hands you the phone
It’s a radio show
They know about your wife’s death
Breathe in
Give in to the sensation
Talk about your perfect match
Your son is ruining your life
But also helping?
You get fan-mail
Is Meg Ryan out there?
Wait for Meg Ryan to fly across the country
Because she will
Surprise you on a highway
Empire state building
Amicable fiancé break up
You are Tom Hanks
You have always been Tom Hanks
Open your eyes slowly
Where is Chet?


Begin your meditation by thinking about a small, backroom bar that you’ve played your miniature guitar in recently
Breathe in the smoke
Take a sip of a free beer
Remember, you get free beers because you play music
You also get away with wearing fedoras
Now imagine you’re at a brunch place
Sit there for three hours
Remember to be gentle to your body
Have another bloody mary with bacon and shrimp on it
Listen to the sounds of coffee brewing
Eggs frying
Notice a new sound
It’s 19-year-old girl who dropped out of college to sing at the Planet Hollywood next door
Breathe in
Breathe out
Do you remember that whiskey bar next door to that all-glass pop-up creative agency?
Uber there
Take a sip of whiskey
Running down your throat
A little gets on your tweed vest
Ask the mustached man next to you for his pocket square
Breathe in the polka dots
Let your body relax
What exactly is a creative agency?
Open your eyes slowly


Fluttah yah eyes closed
Put sugah
In ya cawfee
Remembah how wicked sweet Havahd yahd is
Cahlm yaself
Entah a dahk pahty
Eat some chowda
Cheeah on the Red Sahx
Breathe in
Breathe out
Open your eyes slowly
Recite: “Charlie on the MTA

Washington DC

Check in with your body
Pass the Japanese embassy
Where are you today?
Somewhere on a rooftop with twinkle lights
Sipping recently distilled whiskey
Soften your shoulders
Let go of the tension
In your arms
What used to be on this corner?
A middle-class immigrant family’s home
With a hair salon below it
Now it’s a Whole Foods
Buy some kale
Because you’ll probably use it soon
Just kidding
You won’t
It’ll go bad
In your fridge
Pass the vice president’s house
Bring yourself back
To your breath
Soften your gaze
Pass the National Cathedral
Is there a good wood-fired pizza place close?
Pass the Washington monument
Begin to move your toes slowly
Feel the power
Of old white men
You have never seen the inside of the capitol
Open your eyes slowly
Buy artisanal goat cheese from what used to be
A crack den

New York

Find a comfortable place
Somewhere you can de-stress
Not midtown
Don’t go to midtown
I’m not kidding
Re-center yourself
Check in with your body
Do you have everything you need for the day?
Spend 5 minutes trying to swipe your metro card because you’ve started this now
Swipe again, I guess
Take the A to the 1 and transfer at Columbus circle
Unless the B is running
Then just take the B
You could also transfer to the F or even take the L across
But then you would have to walk
But it would be faster
Just Be in your body
Now you’re in Times Square
Being humped by the man in the Elmo costume
Relax into your breath
Feel the tips of your fingers
Feel the pavement under your feet as you walk
End up in a Chinese restaurant
Eat your fill
Realize it has a C rating
Vomit into a trash can
Breathe in through your nose
Breathe out through your mouth
Relieve yourself on the sidewalk
Open your eyes slowly
Burn a 20 dollar bill

Portland, Maine

Breathe in through your nose
Soften your hands
Soften your eye lids
Breathe out through your mouth
You flew to the wrong Portland
Open your eyes slowly
Call your fiancé because you’re not making it to Oregon for your wedding tomorrow

Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Dove US

Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash, a hypoallergenic body wash that looks after sensitive skin while still providing the rich lather that we all love.


by Melissa Hau @ CouponMom Blog

CVS deals list: score 2 free Nivea body wash–TODAY ONLY (9/24) Buy 2- Nivea Body Wash 6.8 or 16.9 oz–SUNDAY ONLY! Sale Price: $3.50 each Use: (2) $2 off newspaper coupons from Smartsource (9/10) Pay at Register: $1.50 each Get: $4.09 back in Extra Bucks, 2% Extra Care & 10% Beauty Club Rewards Net Cost: […]

Dove Men and Women's Body Wash ONLY $0.49 for BOTH! - Crazy 4 Smiths

Dove Men and Women's Body Wash ONLY $0.49 for BOTH! - Crazy 4 Smiths

Crazy 4 Smiths

Score a CRAZY hot deal on Dove Men and Women's Body Wash at Smith's with a recent high-value B1G1 coupon that came in this past Sunday's Redplum insert. Through tomorrow 10/14, when you purchase any (2) Dove Body Wash a $2.00 Smith's Catalina will print at the register. Redeem some Saving Star offers too and you're final price for a Continue Reading

KIND Bars, Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt 12 ct ONLY $0.82 Each Shipped

by Zoe @ FTM

KIND Bars, Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt 12 ct ONLY $0.82 Each Shipped Amazon has KIND Bars, Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt, Gluten Free, 1.4 Ounce Bars, 12 Count on sale for $13.79.  In addition, there is a 25% Off ecoupon to clip. They ship free, plus you get another 5% off when you subscribe […]

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Don’t Shame Me for Not Vaccinating My Labradoodle

by JOHN LONG @ McSweeney’s

First of all, let me make something crystal clear: I’m not an “anti-vaxxer.” I’m an educated, concerned citizen who loves my companion animal and is just asking questions. And the most important question I’m asking is: why should I risk my sweet Labradoodle Lucy developing autism to prevent her from getting a practically extinct disease like rabies?

Before you say something like, “Don’t be stupid, rabies are terrible!” — let me stop you right there. I’m not ignorant — I’ve done the research. I know that rabies, in certain cases, can be serious. But the fact is, almost no dogs get rabies these days. It’s incredibly rare! That’s why pet vaccines, which aren’t 100% reliable and are known to cause a myriad of health problems, should be a matter of choice.

What happened to personal choice? Our grandparents weren’t required by law to inject their animals with chemicals and preservatives — yet their dogs and cats lived long, happy lives. It’s true the occasional stray would come down with a case of rabies and, within a few days, transform into a snarling, deranged predator, indiscriminately attacking everything in its path from horses to small children. And sure, that rabid dog might eventually have to be hunted down by a posse organized by the town and shot several times before eventually dropping like a stone, still foaming at the mouth, jaws frozen wide open in a macabre grin — even in death. But that almost never happened!

So the question for responsible dog and cat guardians like me becomes: why risk the dangers posed by vaccines just to prevent the incredibly unlikely scenario in which my Lucy goes on a rabid rampage?

What dangers, you ask? Dogs can’t get autism, you say. Well, how do you know that? There simply haven’t been enough studies on canine autism, mostly because the pharmaceutical companies, pet food companies, the American Veterinary Association and the universities they fund — don’t want them to happen. But I saw up close how devastating canine autism can be when I decided to vaccinate my last dog, Cooper.

When I brought Cooper home from the vet after he had his vaccines, he was never the same again. Before, he was playful, energetic, and would hump practically everything in my apartment but his food dish. Afterwards, he was listless and rarely barked — he’d lost his spark. The fact that I observed this marked change in behavior after he got his vaccines is irrefutable proof that vaccines are harmful. End of story.

Of course, my Western medicine-trained veterinarian tried to tell me, condescendingly, that Cooper’s personality changes were the result of his neutering. But after googling it, I’ve come to believe it was due to the fact that he got both the distemper and Lyme disease vaccines at the same time. Why can’t they space those out? And for that matter, how bad can distemper really be?

But here’s the point. I don’t think I should be discriminated against and shamed for making the choice not to vaccinate Lucy for every disease under the sun. It’s not fair that I can’t find a doggie daycare that will accept my healthy, homeopathically-treated girl — because I know what’s best for my dog. And believe me, I know for a fact she has absolutely zero chance of getting paroviris, hepatitis, canine adenovirus-2, parainfluenza, bordetella, leptospirosis, coronavirus, Lyme disease, or measles.

The good news is, I’m not alone. I’ve found a group of like-minded, concerned liberal arts majors who are skeptical of the profit motives of the companies that manufacture canine vaccines — and we’re banning together. We’ve formed our own Vaccine-Free Companion Animal Co-Op. And it’s working! Last week, when one of the dogs came down with kennel cough, we put them all together in the same room, just like our grandmothers did — to allow their natural immune systems to heal them.

At the moment, my Lucy can’t stop coughing, has a fever, is vomiting — and won’t eat or drink. But I can sleep at night knowing she’s free from all those unnatural drugs pumping through her veins. She’ll recover in a few days, unless she develops secondary bacterial pneumonia, which can be fatal. But that almost never happens.

WHOA! Buy Dove Shower Foam Body Wash AND Get $5.75 Cash Back from Ibotta

WHOA! Buy Dove Shower Foam Body Wash AND Get $5.75 Cash Back from Ibotta


You can score super cheap Dove Foam body wash with this Ibotta offer!

Make Your Own Dove Body Wash - The Make Your Own Zone

Make Your Own Dove Body Wash - The Make Your Own Zone

The Make Your Own Zone

How to make your own homemade copycat version of Dove Body Wash by using a bar of Dove soap and water

Newest Printable Coupons 9/24: Save On Barilla, Puffs, Garnier & More

by Zoe @ FTM

Newest Printable Coupons 9/24: Save On Barilla, Puffs, Garnier & More Good Morning! Here are the Newest Printable Coupons of the day. Save up to $20 with these latest coupons that include brands like Barilla, Puffs, Garnier & More. All these coupons are preclipped for you Baby & Toddler Save $1.50 Any ONE (1) Baby Dove […]

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If Bostonians Loved Other Local Institutions the Way They Love Their Local Sports Franchises

by MICHAEL HARE @ McSweeney’s

— Hear that new one from the BSO?

— Shit, yeah, that Brahms? That one knocked me square on my ass. Even more so than the Shostakovich. Pardon me, the Grammy Award-winning Shostakovich.

(They toast.)

— We should repeat.

— We should but we won’t, because the Recording Academy hates Boston. Watch. Watch them give it to the frigging New York Phil, which is a fine orchestra if you like listening to a bunch of soulless prima donnas collect paychecks.

(They nod, drink.)

— Gotta respect Andris Nelsons.

— The kid can conduct his ass off, in the bravura tradition of Seiji Ozawa.

— Friend of mine down in Quincy just named his pit bull “Ozawa.”

— Remember ’02, when Ozawa did Beethoven’s Seventh?

— Course I do.

— Course you do. We all do, because it was an indelible performance. An indelible performance that the New York Times called “plodding.” Please. Please do me one favor, Mr. Big New York City Critic, please don’t talk to me like I don’t got two ears and a brain. Because I do, and also a heart, which Seiji touched with that masterful Seventh.

— They act like there’s no culture north of the Triborough. Like guys like us don’t know a sublimely realized Seventh when we hear one.

— Just don’t talk shit about Seiji, all right? You come up here and you try to talk shit about Seiji — I don’t care if you got a Pulitzer or a MacArthur or a Pulitzer and a MacArthur and an award from the frigging National Book Critics Circle — I’ll lay you the fuck out.

— Figuratively speaking.

— Of course. This city once aspired to be the Athens of America. I’m not about to disrespect that majestic civic aspiration by acting like a goddamned fucking barbarian.

- - -

— Other day I went over to the Museum of Science.

— How was it?

— Well it was the fucking Museum of Science, so how the fuck do you think it was? It was superlative. It was a testament to our region’s proud tradition of rational inquiry.

(They toast.)

— Meanwhile, all you hear is, “Silicon Valley this, Silicon Valley that…”

— Because they hate Boston, because they’re jealous of Boston. And I’m sorry, but making an app to call a cab isn’t science. You know what is science? Life science is science.

(They nod, drink.)

— Gotta respect our biotechs.

— I swear to God, I get all these disgusting frigging fantasies about a bunch of these Silicon Valley guys coming up here and talking shit about our biotechs. Being like, “Oh yeah, Boston’s got a nice little biotech scene.” And I’m like, “Little?” And then I very figuratively lay them all out. I very figuratively beat them back to Cali using the gold Nobel medal awarded to Dr. H. Robert Horvitz.

— Friend of mine out in Walpole just got a Horvitz tattoo.

— Sick.

- - -

— So I’m in the MFA last weekend, where I volunteer as a docent.

— A valuable service to an invaluable institution.

(They toast.)

— I’m in Gallery 242, and this kid comes over, says, “Are these are the only Rembrandts?”

— And this kid is from where?

— From a state that wants so hard to be part of New England but is actually just part of New York, and it knows it, and so it’s got all this twisted anti-Boston resentment.

— Friend of mine up in Lowell deals cards down in Connecticut. Says it’s awful.

— What it is is anti-Boston.

(They nod, drink.)

— Kid asks for more Rembrandts. That’s some true Connecticut bullshit.

— You want to see a hundred Rembrandts? Here. Here’s a bus ticket. Enjoy Manhattan. P.S., it sucks. You want to see five Rembrandts, and really see them? Really engage with each canvas? Come to Boston.

— Because there’s far, far less to see and do here, and so it’s easier to concentrate.

— Exactly.

- - -

— Know where I haven’t been in a wicked long time? Plimoth Plantation.

— I’m there two, three times a month. It’s a jewel.

(They toast.)

— You wonder why it’s not constantly crammed with people coming in from all over to experience what life was like in the seventeenth century in a fledgling agricultural settlement on the outskirts of what would one day become Boston.

(They nod, drink.)

— Could be the thing about people hating Boston.

— So it’s guys in costumes speaking in an archaic vernacular and churning butter under a hot sun or whatever. Not flashy enough for you? Here. Here’s a bus ticket. Go numb your brain in Times Square.

— The quiet of the place, its frank modesty, that’s part of what makes it so moving. That, and its brave refusal to ignore the darker aspects of our history.

(They nod, drink.)

— Ever feel like some people, like non-Bostonians most especially, might be sleepwalking through something major? Like, not the shit we see, but the shit behind the shit?

— Like America’s silent epidemic of depression? Its festering addiction to distraction? Like how some people mistake conspicuous consumption for meaningful experience? And how some others mistake hatred for virtue? Like how so many have lost contact with the communities that should help to sustain them and that they should help to sustain?

— Yeah, dude. Basically that. I worry that one day soon we’re all going to find ourselves condemned to lives of isolation and sorrow, all trapped inside the same airless, boundless nightmare anti-community.

— Like Fairfield County, Connecticut?

— Exactly.

— If the whole world turns into one big Fairfield, that’ll make us two guys from Connecticut.

— Two guys from Connecticut, just begging to get laid out.

$2 off Dove Body Wash–Just Print Coupon

$2 off Dove Body Wash–Just Print Coupon

CouponMom Blog

Print the coupon and save $2 off one Dove Body Wash or Bar product. It’s that easy. Click here to get it free Don’t forget to check out our other deals list below to find other great de…

Walgreens 9/24: *5* FREE Deals

by Melissa Hau @ CouponMom Blog

Walgreens deals list: *5* free deals today! 4 Free + $1.24 profit: Crest Toothpaste select varieties Free + $0.06 profit: Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Refill $0.02: Tic Tacs 1 oz $0.37: Sargento Balanced Breaks, Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off select varieties $0.45: Irish Spring Body Wash 15 or 18 oz $0.59: Mars Candy 1.1-2.17 oz $0.59: Dove Candy 1.1-2.17 oz $0.59: Skittles […]

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash 22.00 oz

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash 22.00 oz


Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

Print New $1/1 Dove Body Wash, Foam & Bar Soap Coupons

Print New $1/1 Dove Body Wash, Foam & Bar Soap Coupons

Grocery Coupon Network Blog: Couponing Secrets Exposed!

We have new Dove printable coupons available today. Pair these coupons with store sales for the very best savings. Get all the deals here.

Dove Body Wash & Dove Bar Soap Coupons - FTM

Dove Body Wash & Dove Bar Soap Coupons - FTM


Dove Body Wash & Dove Bar Soap Coupons There are two new Dove Body Wash and Dove Bar Soap Coupons available to print. Please note, there is a maximum of two of the same coupons in one shopping trip. $1.00/1 Dove Body Wash Coupon $.75/1 Dove Bar Soap Coupon Upcoming CVS Deal (week of 1/5/13) …

Dove Body Wash | 2 for FREE at Kroger + $0.52 Moneymaker! - Kroger Krazy

Dove Body Wash | 2 for FREE at Kroger + $0.52 Moneymaker! - Kroger Krazy

Kroger Krazy

In addition to this awesome moneymaker on Caress and Axe Body Wash happening with the Kroger Mega Event…we're also going to be picking up Dove Body wash for better than FREE! Here's how: Buy (1) Dove Women's Body Wash (22 oz) – $4.99 (wyb 10 participating items thru 11/15) Buy (1) Dove Men+Care Body Wash …

Please Help Me Understand Why You Still Use Bar Soap

Please Help Me Understand Why You Still Use Bar Soap


Apparently there actually ARE benefits to using it.

Dove Now Selling Body Wash in the Shape of Your Body Type

Dove Now Selling Body Wash in the Shape of Your Body Type


What is with the stunt beauty packaging lately?

CVS 9/24: *23* FREE Deals

by Melissa Hau @ CouponMom Blog

CVS deals list: *23* free deals today! 2 Free + $2.24 profit: Crest Pro Health Toothpaste 4.2 oz, buy one get one 50% off–SUNDAY ONLY! Free + $1.04 profit: Old Spice Duo Body Wash 3.1 oz Free + $1.04 profit: Olay Body Wash Duo 3.1 oz Free + $1.04 profit: Ivory Body Wash Duo 3.1 oz Free + $0.73 […]

CVS: 26¢ Irish Spring Body Wash–JUST PRINT COUPON

by Melissa Hau @ CouponMom Blog

CVS deals list: 26¢ Irish Spring body wash–print coupon HERE starting 9/24 Prior to 9/24, click on the “Preview Upcoming Deals” link at the top of the deals page. Buy 1- Irish Spring Body Wash 15-18 oz Sale Price: $3.99  Use: $1 off printable coupon  Pay at Register: $2.99 Get: $2.73 back in Extra Bucks, […]

MARS Ice Cream Novelties JUST $1.49 at Kroger During Mega Event!

by Katie @ Kroger Krazy

We have a great Kroger Digital Coupon for MARS Ice Cream Novelties right now. These yummy ice cream bars and snacks just so happen to be in our Kroger Mega Event! We'll pay just $1.49 for these!! Mars M&M's Ice Cream Novelties (6 – 12 ct) – $2.99 (wyb 4 participating items thru 9/26)Use $1.50/1 […]

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Make Your Own Body Wash - One Good Thing by Jillee

Make Your Own Body Wash - One Good Thing by Jillee

One Good Thing by Jillee

When I was growing up…I don’t think we ever bought “body wash”. It was Ivory or Dove bar soap…or nothing at all. :-) Even after I first got married we still did the bar soap thing…because I remember trying to convince the hubster that Dove soap was better than Irish Spring. lol. (I still try to …

Anthony Scaramucci Accuses Steve Bannon Of Having White Nationalist ‘Tendencies’ On ‘The View’

Anthony Scaramucci Accuses Steve Bannon Of Having White Nationalist ‘Tendencies’ On ‘The View’

by Stacey Ritzen @ Real Stories – UPROXX

"I would say that he has those tendencies. If you read Breitbart there's a lot of that white nationalist fervor."

List: 5 Reasons Treadmill Desks Are the Next Big Thing

by ELI BURNSTEIN @ McSweeney’s

1. If sitting is the new smoking, you nine-to-fivers are suckin’ em back like there’s no tomorrow. Studies show that long periods of seated inactivity have been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even early death. So get out of those chairs and on to those treadmills — it’s easier than you think!1

2. “What about standing desks?” No way, jose! The results are in: standing is bad for you too. So unless you want lkp;ower back pain, don’t just stand up while typing—follow my lead and start mp0opving your body!

3. Walking burns calorieaaaaaaaaaca, so why wait to hit the gym when you can do it while firing off a few emails? Kill two birds with one stpne!

$. Exercise isn’’t just great for your body—it’s great for your minf!1 Whether you’re interval training like me or going at a steady paaAAAAAAacewreef, turn that frown upside down with some good old-fashioned cardiovasscaluzlrik;exalfkj

5, Last but not lea , aa walking improves job satisfaction. So fire up that computer, hop on that treadmill, and start doing the finest work of your careeeeq3!r

No, But Seriously, Dove Soap Is Bad

No, But Seriously, Dove Soap Is Bad

The Concourse

So yesterday, BuzzFeed's editors, in a super duper blatant breach of the tenets of their Editorial Standards And Ethics Guide, deleted a post in which staff writer Arabelle Sicardi criticized toiletries brand Dove for its sleazy, exploitative advertising. Dove, you see, is owned by Unilever—the multinational consumer goods behemoth last seen being an oversensitive penis over the definition of mayonnaise—which happens to be one of BuzzFeed's major advertising partners.

Which soap are you? Dove unveils bottles of body wash to match your body shape

Which soap are you? Dove unveils bottles of body wash to match your body shape


Dove has released limited-edition “Real Beauty Bottles” in the United Kingdom for its body wash that are shaped like different body shapes - some slender, some round, some curvy, some straight up-and-down.

Body Types Represented by New Dove Bottles

Body Types Represented by New Dove Bottles

The New Yorker

Mesopotamian: You're missing both arms, which makes you look more or less like a standard Dove bottle. Go figure.

Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, Unscented reviews, photos, ingredients

Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, Unscented reviews, photos, ingredients


Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, Unscented: rated 3.8 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. See 117 member reviews, ingredients and photos.

List: Other ‘Talk-Like-a…’ Days


NOTE: September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

- - -

Talk Like a Person Who Comments on Every Post on the Neighborhood Listserv Day
Say, “I DID hear that dog barking!” and “I’ll keep a lookout for your dog!” and “I don’t know whose dog that is!” and “So glad you found your dog!” Speculate on what that smell could have been or why those fire trucks were there. Recommend plumbers, babysitters, Thai restaurants, dermatologists, and other topics you have little to no experience with. Warn people about new speed cameras and the rumored relocating of bus terminals. Don’t talk to any of your own neighbors at all.

Talk Like a Grandma Who Took Her Grandchildren to Swim Class Day
After talking to a total stranger for about a minute, just start sharing all your thoughts on your adult children’s parenting skills. Blame your daughter and son-in-law for the Mandarin/piano/parkour classes your grandkids take, how out of control the kids are, and how you also don’t get to spend nearly enough time with them. Then, as if someone changed your dial, muse about how much you like pesto. Offer recipes.

Talk Like a Pediatric Dentist at Happy Hour Day
Walk around with margarita all over your blouse. Yell, “After THIS day you expect me to hold onto an extra-wide glass with salt all over it?” When you notice a guy staring at you, say you’re not trying to kill him, you just want to look at his teeth. If someone sees you and says, “Hey, you’re our dentist!” say, “No, not me. I’m a sculptress.” If you fall off a chair and someone tries to help you up shout, “Stop hovering, Tim’s mom” or “Here comes the giggle air!”

Talk Like a Facebook Friend Who’s Constantly Surprised That Time Passes Day
Look at old photos of your children. Say, “They’re getting too big!” and “Time slow down!” and “STOP GROWING!” to the point where your friends can’t help but imagine some terrifying Twilight Zone scenario. Also, voice your shock that your Japan trip happened in 2015 and you’ve been friends with Kim for six years.

Talk Like an Owner of a B&B That’s Totally Not Haunted Day
Follow people around with a carafe of day-old coffee. Talk about wind chill, the lighthouse tour everyone should try, or why it’s a fun idea to name rooms after Modern Family characters. But whatever you do, do not ask anyone how they slept last night. If someone mentions a pale teenager asking about her prom date, say, “My coconut blondies are still in the oven!” and run away.

Talk Like a Woman Who’s Constantly Freezing at Work Day
Say, “I wonder if I have an iron deficiency!” and “I’m wearing four layers and I still can’t feel my toes!” and “Are you cold? I’m cold!” and literally nothing else. Hand out copies of studies showing that cold temperatures were shown to lower fruit flies’ productivity and sex drive. Find ways to stand close to Dan, who’s shy and always eating a breakfast sandwich, but also sweats a lot so he must be on to something.

Talk Like a Person Picking Up and Putting Down Every Avocado at the Grocery Store Day
Start speaking to anyone near you about how the avocados are too hard, how everything these days, really, is hard, how you miss living in California, where people have avocado trees right in their own backyards, and then realize you’ve reached the point where you’ll talk to anyone anywhere about anything. Feel unfettered. Bold. Talk to other people who’ll talk to anyone, like a drunk woman who looks like your kids’ dentist and a guy giving an unsolicited monologue on bus terminals. Remember why you don’t actually want to talk to anyone anywhere about anything. Ask loudly, “Where’s the store-made guacamole?"

Talk Like a Pirate Who’s Sick of Playing Bingo Day
“Arrrrgh. I just need Aye Twenty-Fourrrr.”

DIY Dove Soap Body Wash

DIY Dove Soap Body Wash

A while back ago, I tried microwaving a bar of soap, basically in an effort to entertain my kids on an oh-so-boring cold-weathered Saturday. The only bar soap in the...

Dove unveils new body wash bottles; reaction pours in online

Dove unveils new body wash bottles; reaction pours in online


The beauty company unveiled six differently shaped bottles of body wash. The company says the bottle evoke all different shapes and sizes and says, “combined to make every woman their very ow…

Dove Body Wash | eBay

Dove Body Wash | eBay


Find great deals on eBay for Dove Body Wash in Body Washes and Shower Gels for Bath and Body Care. Shop with confidence.

Monologue: A Representative for Dove’s New Line of Men’s Body Soap Asks For a Bit  of Your Time

Monologue: A Representative for Dove’s New Line of Men’s Body Soap Asks For a Bit of Your Time

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Hi there, hi, excuse me, sir? Could I interest you in trying a sample of Dove’s new line of men’s body wash?I know, I know you’re busy. What do yo...

NEW Neutrogena Coupons = Facial items as low as $1.46 each at Kroger!

by Katie @ Kroger Krazy

We have a couple NEW Neutrogena Coupons to talk about this morning. These items are at Low prices at Kroger right now too! If you want to print and save for a Kroger sale, doooo it! If you want to use NOW, you can score the Neutrogena Facial Bars for just $1.46 each! We also […]

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Cascadian Farm Organic Bars ONLY $0.99 with Kroger Mega Event!!

by Katie @ Kroger Krazy

We wanted to share this Cascadian Farm deal because this time around only the bars are included!!  Print up the coupon and pay just $0.99 for a box of bars! Cascadian Farm Bars (5-6 ct) – $1.99 (wyb 4 participating items thru 9/26)Use $1.00/1 Cascadian Farm Product printable Or $1.00/1 Cascadian Farm Product – SavingStar […]

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Dove Purely Pampering Body Cream with Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla (300ml)
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Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner 12oz Combo SET **Package May Vary**
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Dove Weightless Moisturizers Smooth and Soft Anti-Frizz Cream, 4 Ounce (113g)
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6 Pack Dove Cotton Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray 48 Hour Protection 150 Ml
Dove Go Fresh Restore Beauty Bars, Blue Fig and Orange Blossom Scent, 4.75 Oz (Pack of 12)
Dove Invs Sold Pwd Size 2.6z Dove Powder Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant
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DVO2979401 - Moisturizing Gentle Hand Cleaner
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DOVE Winter Care Nourishing Body Wash 24-Ounce - 3-Pack
Dove Invisible Dry Anti White Marks Antiperspirant Deodorant, 150 Ml / 5 Oz (Pack of 6)
Dove Winter Care Beauty Bars - 14/4oz
Dove Men + Care Dry Spray Antiperspirant, Clean Comfort (Pack of 4)
Dove® Beauty Bath Shower Gel Indulging Cream 16.9 Oz / 500 Ml
Dove Men + Care Body + Face Bars Aqua Impact - 6 ct
Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash, Cucumber and Green Tea Pump 34 Ounce (Pack of 2)
3 Dove Nourishing and Restore Body Wash 500ml/19.9oz (3X 500ml/16.9oz, Purely pampering-Almond cream with hibiscus)
Dove Advanced Care Deodorants, Cool Essentials (2.6 oz., 3 pk.)
Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture, Shampoo and Conditioner Duo Set, 40 Ounce Pump Bottles
Dove Men + Care Body & Face Wash, Sensitive Shield 13.50 oz (Pack of 3)
Dove Go Fresh Revive Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick for Unisex, 2.6 Ounce
Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Non-irritant Antiperspiration 5 Pack
Dove Invisible Dry Anti White Marks Anti-Perspirant Deoderant
(Duo Set) Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair, Shampoo & Conditioner, 12 Oz. bottles
Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash, Clean Comfort 18 oz
Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo, 2.8 Pound
Dove Men Care Non-Irritant Antiperspirant Deodorant, Extra Fresh - 2.7 Ounce (5 in Pack)
Dove Nutritive Therapy, Nourishing Oil Care, DUO Set Shampoo + Conditioner, 12 Ounce, 1 Each
Dove Men+Care Post Shave Balm, Hydrate+ 3.4 oz (Pack of 2)
Dove Beauty Bar, Pink 4 oz, 14 Bar
Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar White Soap 100 G / 3.5 Oz Bars (Pack of 12) by Dove
Dove Shave Gel Sensitive 7 oz. (Pack of 3)
Dove Cotton Soft Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray Dry 48 Hour Protection (Pack of 6) 150 Ml by Dove
Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Solid, Revive 1.70 oz(Pack of 2)
Dove Shampoo, Dryness & Itch Relief 12 oz
Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture 24 oz, Pack of 3
Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash, Coconut Milk (24 fl. oz., 3 pk.)
Dove go sleeveless Antiperspirant, Beauty Finish 2.6 oz, 2 Pack
Dove Beauty Bar, White 4 oz, 2 Bar
Dove Men + Care Revitalize Face Cream Lotion 1.69oz (Quantity 1)
Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Set 12 Ounce
Sensitive Skin Unscented Moisturizing Cream Beauty Bar By Dove, 12 Count 4 Oz Each
Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin 4 oz, 6 bar
Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner Set, 8.45 FL OZ each
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty Bar with Vanilla Scent Soap 3.5 Oz / 100 Gr (Pack of 12 Bars)
Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Powder 2.6 Ounce, (Pack of 6)
Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture 24 oz, Pack of 3
6 Cans of Dove Men+Care Invisible Dry 150ml Anti-Perspirant Anti-Transpirant Spray
Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant, Cool Essentials 1.7 oz
Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash, 12 Ounce (2 Pack)
Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Extra Fresh 23.5 Ounce (Pack of 2)
Dove Men + Care Face Wash, Hydrate, 5 Oz (Pack of 3)
Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Extra Fresh 13.5 oz, Twin Pack
Dove Hs Srength/Shine Xho Size 7z Dove Hs Srength/Shine Xhold 7z
Dove Dry Shampoo Refresh and Care Volume and Fullness, 5 Ounces, 3 Pack
Dove Men+Care 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Fresh and Clean 25.4 oz
Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypo-Allergenic Beauty Bar 4 oz, 2 ea (Pack of 2)
Dove Men + Care Body & Face Wash, Clean Comfort 13.50 oz ( Pack of 3)
Dove Men + Care Fortfying Shampoo+conditioner 2 in 1 32fl Oz
Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Scent, Antiperspirant & Deodorant Stick, 1.4 Oz / 40 Ml (Pack of 4)
Dove Body Wash, Sensitive Skin Pump, 34 Ounce (Pack of 2)
Dove Body Lotion, Cream Oil Intensive, 13.5 Ounce (Pack of 3)
Dove Damage Therapy Cool Moisture Shampoo (12 oz) and Conditioner (12 oz)
Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Cool Essentials - 2.6 oz - 2 pk
Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant, Restore, 2.6 Ounce (Pack of 2)
Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, Deep Clean 4 oz, 6 Bar
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