Dove Love My Body Campaign


by alexandriaschell @ Ohio University Strategic Social Media

Our campaign is centered on a new Twitter account, @JoinUSColumbus, and a new hashtag, #KeystoColumbus. The overarching goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of the Certified Tourism Ambassador program in Columbus, while the more specific objective is to obtain 3,000 followers on the new Twitter account. We aim to reach 3,000 followers for […]

A Cannabis Retreat Run By 'Ganja Goddesses' Takes Places In California

by Justina Bakutyte @ Konbini United States

Wedged somewhere between a yoga retreat and a full-on Hot Wet American Summer experience, the Ganja Goddess Getaway offers a unique blend of health, body and mind-oriented events united by one crucial element – weed.  Taking place in locations around Northern and Southern California, the Getaway invites all female-identifying marijuana lovers (you don't even have to […]

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Victoria's Secret's "Perfect Body" Ad Sparks Controversy

Victoria's Secret's "Perfect Body" Ad Sparks Controversy

Shape Magazine

Victoria's Secret's new ad that uses the phrase "perfect body" and shows pictures of the Angels and models has sparked controversy and outrage bringing up topics of body image, confidence, and what real women look like.

ACLU to launch nationwide voting rights...

ACLU to launch nationwide voting rights...

by @ Latest Headlines

The ACLU’s ‘Let People Vote’ campaign plans to go to all 50 states promoting voting rights. Joy Reid and ACLU political director Faiz Shakir discuss.

What Does It Look Like To Feel Your Feelings? (And Not Eat Over Them!)

by Jenn Hand @

When I first started this journey, I often got confused when I heard the phrase “feel your emotions”. I’d read about this concept or stumble across the advice, and my first thought was always, “That sounds great, but HOW are you supposed to do that? What does it involve? Are there instructions I can follow?” (That’s my Type A perfectionist brain wanting a plan 🙂 ). So what DOES it actually look like to feel your feelings? I want to share an example with you about putting the whole “feel (and don’t eat) your emotions” into practice (because none of this stuff

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Brands Promoting Body Diversity In Response To Victoria's Secret "Perfect Body" Campaign

Brands Promoting Body Diversity In Response To Victoria's Secret "Perfect Body" Campaign


Brands Promoting Body Diversity In Response To Victoria's Secret "Perfect Body" Campaign. JD Williams and Dear Kate have issues the perfect comeback to this

People hate Dove's new ad campaign, despite well-meaning message

People hate Dove's new ad campaign, despite well-meaning message


The six limited-edition Dove soap bottles come in shapes meant to emulate the body types of women.

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Dove, The Love-Your-Body Beauty Company

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Dove, The Love-Your-Body Beauty Company


Yesterday, when we presented the new Dove commerical, Onslaught, we neglected to mention a few things. Luckily, blogs Feministing and Feministe reminded us of a few facts! For starters, while Dove can be applauded for examining the damaging effects of the beauty industry, its parent company, Unilever, is a major manufacturer of skin-lightening creams marketed in India. (Because, you know, the lighter your skin, the more beautiful you are.) In addition, Unilever makes Axe body spray, whose sexist and just plain stupid ad campaigns and "humilidating" show don't exactly send the message that the Onslaught spot does. And there's more: Unilever spends $809 million on advertising: it markets Dove, which encourages women to love their bodies, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, in which you can drown your sorrows if you don't love your body, and Slim-Fast, to make your body thin enough to love.

Public Harassment

by (Danielle Dallman) @ Danielle Dallman

Living on a college campus, it is almost impossible to walk the streets and not get publicly harassed. It is highly likely to occur during nighttime on the weekends, when many people are intoxicated and more likely to shout whatever comes to their mind. Our class discussion today on public harassment reminded me of an instance a few weekends ago.
My friends and I were at a party when a guy grabbed my friends butt. Now I have seen this plenty of times where a random guy will grab or smack a girls butt and the girl either laughs it off or just yells "PERVERT" and walks away. Although no one wants to be called a pervert, neither of these actions will prevent the random guy from grabbing another girls butt. My friend took a slightly more humiliating approach.
After the brave young man grabbed her butt, my friend whipped around, pinned him up against the wall and firmly said "touch me again and see what happens." The look on this random guys face was priceless and he quickly turned bright red. There was a group of people who witnessed this incidence and everyone was slightly in shock that my friend called out this random guy for grabbing her. The guy tried to deny it but my friend said "don't EVER grab my butt again" and a few people applauded as she walked away. The guy practically ran out of the party due to the humiliation he just faced for being called out for sexually harassing a girl he didn't know.
I was so proud of my friend for standing up for herself and not allowing herself to be another victim of public harassment. If more people are willing to stand up to the perpetrator and not accept the molestation, we will take steps towards eliminating public harassment.

Nate Berkus Shares How His Entertaining Style Has Changed Since Welcoming Daughter Poppy

Nate Berkus Shares How His Entertaining Style Has Changed Since Welcoming Daughter Poppy

by Megan Stein @

Nate Berkus is the expert on all things party planning. But since becoming a father to one-year-old daughter, Poppy, the designer’s go-to entertaining style has had a few changes.

“We entertain around her nap schedule now,” Berkus, artistic advisor for LG Studio, told PEOPLE at a breakfast on June 8, which celebrated the sleek line of high-end appliances he helped design.

RELATED: WATCH: Jessie James Decker Gives a Tour of Her Lovely Florida Beach House

But when Poppy isn’t snoozing, Berkus, 44, and husband Jeremiah Brent, 31, keep her busy with poolside play dates that are a far cry from a formal outdoor gathering.

“Our home is now filled with blow up toys from Target in the pool as opposed to margaritas,” Berkus said.

WATCH THIS: Designer Nate Berkus ‘Can’t Wait to Be a Family of 3!’


And the menu planning is even simpler.

“We throw food on the barbecue, we’ve actually even had a taco truck come once,” Berkus said. “We do put out snacks for the little ones, and they sit and throw them in the pool.”

RELATED: Chip and Joanna Gaines Share Hilarious First Date Story in New Sneak Peek of The Magnolia Story

Although the guest list has been tweaked to include Poppy’s younger crowd, the design-savvy couple couldn’t be happier with their new scene.

“It’s a welcome change,” Berkus said.

For Berkus’ best tips on stress-free summer entertaining, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE.

Fan Chung and the Use of Big Math to Forecast the Fate of the Internet

by Dale DeBakcsy @ Women You Should Know®

“Well, some go this way, some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short-cut.” – The Cheshire Cat Every morning we wake to a deafening barrage of choice, decisions that crackle and branch to more choices and more decisions that daunt enumeration. How can we tally the untaken roads of a day, […]

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hope to get ride of

by @ Last 10 Submissions RSS Feed

these are photos of things on myself I hate

A Penn State Landmark – Mount Nittany!

by wbz5002 @ Wendy's RCL Blog

One of the greatest commonplaces for when a student enrolls at Penn State is that they must hike Mount Nittany at some point in their college lives. One of my first club activities was to climb Mount Nittany with my THON organization Springfield, and it gave everyone a chance to meet new people. At that […]

Gaga: Five Foot Two [Trailer]… New Documentary Spotlights Pop Icon’s Life And Battle With Fibromyalgia

by wysk @ Women You Should Know®

As news quickly spread this week that Lady Gaga has had to postpone the European leg of her Joanne World Tour due to “severe physical pain that has impacted her ability to perform,” a new Netflix Original Documentary is set to stream this Friday, September 22nd that not only offers a behind the scenes look […]

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The Top 10 Alternative Items To Put On Your Baby Registry

by Bethany Cleg @ Intent Blog

Truth about baby registries: people are going to get what appeals to them, even if it’s not on your list. Some people just want to buy clothes. Others love practical things. Some have gender-specific gifts in mind for your Baby. But just about everyone wants to get something that you will use. So why not […]

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Ruth Mortimer: Dove has bottled it with its body-shaped packaging - Marketing Week

Ruth Mortimer: Dove has bottled it with its body-shaped packaging - Marketing Week

Marketing Week

Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign has improved attitudes to realistic images of women, but its body-shaped bottles are gimmicky and counter-productive.

The Body Shop on how its new owners are trying to revive its ‘activist spirit’

by Thomas Hobbs @ Marketing Week

The cosmetics retailer admits it strayed too far away from being a purpose-driven business under the previous ownership but is looking to turn that around with a new mobile-driven campaign.

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Apple, GDPR, Nespresso: 5 things you need to know this week and why

by Sarah Vizard @ Marketing Week

Catch up with all the week's news including the launch of the premium iPhone X, Nespresso's first sustainability campaign and Facebook's new ad controls.

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What I Teach My Son When I Say I Am Fat: Practicing Self Love for Our Children’s Sake

by Rev. Katie Norris @ The Body Is Not An Apology

I bet that, almost daily, I say something negative about the way I look, and I know my son hears it. It has become a daily part of my life.

From “Flaws” to Freedom: How Yoga Led a Budding Feminist on the Body Image Journey of a Lifetime

by Melanie @ Feminist Fatale

The following post is an excerpt from Melanie Klein’s complete essay, How Yoga Makes You Pretty: The Beauty Myth, Yoga and Me, featured in the newly released anthology, 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice. “I can’t enjoy how pretty I look if I don’t feel good.” – Bryan Kest I’d spent almost two decades […]

"Self-Esteem" Ad Campaigns are Getting it Wrong - The Everygirl

"Self-Esteem" Ad Campaigns are Getting it Wrong - The Everygirl

The Everygirl

In a society where media reigns supreme, women and girls are confronted daily with outrageous and damaging beauty standards. These ideals

Dove's New 'Body-Positive' Bottle Campaign Is Getting Trolled On Twitter

Dove's New 'Body-Positive' Bottle Campaign Is Getting Trolled On Twitter


Have they taken things too literally?

the naked truth about a woman's body in the advertising world - Pure Ella

the naked truth about a woman's body in the advertising world - Pure Ella

Pure Ella

What is a true work of art? A life giving temple? Can express a physical sense of intimacy, desire and sexuality? Is both delicate and strong? Can make an impression from across the room? (And now can be trimmed/clipped/styled/photoshopped to the desire of the advertising campaign) – the woman’s body! This is the naked truth...Read More »

Yoga’s 21st Century Facelift & the Myth of the Perfect Ass(ana).

by Melanie @ Feminist Fatale

Originally posted at Elephant Journal. The following post is part of the 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice book club exclusive to elephant journal. It’s based on Melanie Klein’s essay on feminism, yoga, body image and the media. In her essay, she distinguishes between the practice of yoga and the culture of yoga, including […]

7 Power Foods That Improve Your Appearance

by Bethany Cleg @ Intent Blog

A lot of us struggle with excessive consumption of foods that harm our appearance and good looks. One of the contributing factors to outbreaks of acne and skin blemishes is having lots of oily and processed foods in our diet. Thankfully, there are natural antidotes that can get the body clean and back in shape. […]

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Living with Intent: 6 Steps to Living a Healthier, More Joyful & Purposeful Life

by Mallika Chopra @ Intent Blog

About two years ago, I approached my father (Deepak Chopra) with a confession. I told him I was generally exhausted, over caffeinated and my sugar addiction was out of control.  I realized I was overscheduled trying to balance my role as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur with, my start-up social media company. I felt […]

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Aviva campaign designed to ‘make Britain’s roads safer’ banned for promoting dangerous driving

by Thomas Hobbs @ Marketing Week

Both Aviva and Renault have been hit with bans after the ASA ruled that both had glamourised dangerous driving with "irresponsible" advertising campaigns.

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A New Intent: What Do You Ask For?

by Mallika Chopra @ Intent Blog

Intents come from our soul and represent who we aspire to be as individuals, members of our communities and citizens of Mother Earth. When we were young, my dad had my brother and I repeat the following phrase, and ask for the qualities of love, connection and inspiration in our life. Take a moment. What do […]

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I Forgot About the Ice Cream Sandwiches

by (Samantha) @ Minor Numbers

I had an epiphany this weekend. It might sound silly and really random at first but bear with me. It was a moment where I could actually pinpoint just how much things had changed for me, and in the best way!

For the whole story to make sense, I should back track to last weekend. While at Target, me and Amanda picked up some ice cream sandwiches. I admit, I had an instant twinge of anxiety when Amanda suggested getting them because I didn't know yet if I was ready to have them in the house. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to control myself around them, and that it would send me backwards.

Let me back track even further. Ice cream sandwiches are my weakness. They always have been and always will. I absolutely love them and usually have to eat two because I can't just stop at one. Even before my struggles with food I had this problem! I don't know what it is about them but I lose all self control and devour them. Not even the fancy kind. No, I don't want any of those chocolate chip cookie ones or skinny cows. Nope, nope, nope. I'm talking the plain and simple regular old ice cream sandwiches. You know the kind with the two chocolate rectangles and vanilla in the middle? Yep, only those.

Now, back to last weekend. I was hesitant but I was proud and didn't want to say that I was scared in front of Amanda. So we bought them and I decided that I would have to face my fear of them eventually.

And guess what?

By the next day, I honestly and legitimately forgot we even bought them!

Still sound strange? Let me explain. If I had gotten these during the time I was still depriving myself, those babies would be on my mind 24/7 that's all I would think about and how I couldn't have them. Now, I hardly ever have those urges with food.

It's simply because I've slowly allowed myself access to those foods. I didn't do it all at once because that would've been a nightmare, and there were times where I probably took on foods that I wasn't ready for a.k.a. a carton of cookies n' cream fro yo. I had to do it slowly and one at a time by picking a food that I had deprived myself from because if I did it too fast, I would trigger a binge.

When I think now to the foods that I have in my house, it's pretty miraculous for me. Foods that used to be huge fear foods for me but now I'm able to enjoy them! I have golden Oreos, mini Oreos, mini Rolos, ice cream sandwiches, vanilla frozen yogurt, graham crackers, pumpkin custard, 6 flavors of peanut butter (#jifwhipsforlife lolz), pretzels, sweet potato chips, and vanilla cupcake goldfish grahams. I actually didn't realize all that I had until I sat here and listed them all out but I'm not embarrassed at all. For some people they might cringe at the thought of all that "processed unclean" foods buuuut I don't prefer to label foods anymore, and simply balance it all out!

I think it's perfectly fine to eat those foods because I make sure to take care of my body. Yesterday I had part of an ice cream sandwich, peanut butter and 2 mini Oreos but I also had a banana, egg white omelette, carrots and hummus, rice cakes, greek yogurt, chicken, and a fresh salad. Even with the "unclean" foods I still hit my macros spot on, down to the gram.

The funny thing is my cousin was over the other day and she said "wow, your pantry actually looks back to normal now." For so long, I didn't allow things like Oreos, peanut butter, or cartons of frozen yogurt in the house because I was afraid of them. I was afraid of triggering a binge and I didn't want those feelings of guilt, shame, self-disgust to consume me. They'd come one way or another but I thought for so long that keeping those foods at bay would solve the problem.

But it won't. The problem is not the food, it never has and it never will be. The problem was with myself and my perception of food. That is a mental change that takes time and patience.

If I'm at the point where I can keep ice cream sandwiches in the house without the need to eat the entire box, I'm in a pretty good place at the moment. I never would have thought I could have gotten to that point because believe me there were times when I tried to overcome those triggers and failed miserably.

I even ate only half of an ice cream sandwich yesterday, which would've been unthinkable to me before now! This is where I'm thankful for IIFYM because I wanted an ice cream sandwich but couldn't have a whole one. So I asked my mom if she wanted to split one because I could fit half of one in my macros. I was able to balance out my cravings and my macros. I ate my half and was happy! It was all I needed and then I went about the rest of my afternoon. Without zero feelings of guilt, I might add :)

This is what I've been striving for the whole past year and a half. To be able to enjoy the things I love guilt-free and balance it out with taking care of my body. I want my nutrition and fitness to compliment one another and to work together as a process to make me the best version I can be.

One is not meant to cancel out the other. Don't try to out-do a bad diet with crazy amounts of exercise or deprive yourself because you didn't work out that day. It should be a balanced cycle of fueling your body for the workouts you love or just simply having a day to enjoy yourself free of tracking because you know that you're active enough all the other days.

That is the life I want to live. My end goal is to switch to intuitive eating. When I get to that point where I can listen to my body and know what it needs. I honestly mean it when I say that I look forward to the day where I can delete the myfitnesspal app off my phone. Realistically, I probably won't be ready for at least another year but I'm perfectly fine with that.

I'm taking my own sweet time because it's not a race for me. I'm looking at the long term and big picture because I'm healing myself now so that I'll be balanced for the rest of my life. I mean it when I say that this is a journey for me. I'm in no rush because I want to do it the right way, and I only want to have to do it once. I don't want to force myself to take on things that I'm not ready for, and risk being unstable through the process so that I'd need a re-do.

So, I just wanted to share this because it was a tangible moment where I could measure how far I am compared to this time last year. Other signs that I've noticed is that I am legitimately looking forward to the food on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm not afraid of facing all those foods, and I'm not depriving myself anymore. It'll be the first time in three years that I'll actually be able to enjoy my favorite foods in moderation all while celebrating and appreciating time spent with those I love best. The only thing I can say is God is good and my prayers for healing are being answered!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

Opinions on body positivity campaigns? - General ED Discussions

Opinions on body positivity campaigns? - General ED Discussions

Forums and Community

Page 1 of 4 - Opinions on body positivity campaigns? - posted in General ED Discussions: Like the Dove Real Beauty campaigns?And what about the Victorias Secret ones with the stick thin models?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Grief: How It Controls Lives

by Allie Turner @ Newvoices Wings

Bradley Iverson In this Narrative, Bradley Iverson discusses a painful journey that his family went through: grieving the loss of a loved one. As he discusses this grief, he touches upon how it was unique to each individual family member. Iverson sends us a strong message to walk away with, and what we can learn, [...]

Victoria's Secret Models vs. Dove Models

Victoria's Secret Models vs. Dove Models

The Portrayal of Women in the Media

Both of the advertisements that are compared above are directed towards getting women to love their bodies. However, there is a big difference between the two but neither one really displays the idea...

Where Are All the Disabled People in the Body Positivity Campaigns?

Where Are All the Disabled People in the Body Positivity Campaigns?

The Body Is Not An Apology

Among mainstream “body positivity” campaigns we are told that the body about which we are supposed to feel positive is nearly always the able body. That body might be fat or thin, white or black, Hispanic or Asian, tall or short, rich or poor, but it is almost always able. Where are the wheelchair

The Rhetorical Analysis Essay Indecision

by wbz5002 @ Wendy's RCL Blog

My English class was assigned to write a rhetorical analysis essay on a convincing advertisement or campaign and explore how it persuades its audience. To see the full assignment guidelines click here. Once again, my indecision has decided to take over and make my assignments more of a struggle than they really are. I have […]

More than Love

by Intent @ Intent Blog

Guest post by Kanika Sethi I am a big Beatles fan.  In fact, right after the 2016 election, when people immediately starting forming “resistance” groups and gathering in protest outside of Trump Tower shouting obscenities at him, I half-jokingly told friends and families that the only way I’d be standing out there would be if […]

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New Changes to Come!

by (Samantha) @ Minor Numbers

So this is something that I've been thinking about lately but I feel as though the direction that I originally intended for this blog has sorta changed. It's just that when I started it, I didn't really have much of a plan and was just going to go with the flow and see what happened. Basically the story of my life! 

Well, now I have a clearer idea of what I want to do with this blog and the core message. With that being said, I'll be working on making some changes which means I'll most likely be off for a bit working on it! 

This is really nothing drastic and not much will really change about this blog in terms of what I write but more along the lines of re-creating my mission statement, I guess? I can't really explain it I just wanted to give you a heads up that you'll probably see some changes within a week or so :)

P.s. hint: I've already changed my Instagram name. It's a pretty big indicator of what's a-comin'! 

This Is How You’ll Know When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Engaged

This Is How You’ll Know When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Engaged

by Diana Pearl @

Ever since Prince Harry whisked Meghan Markle away to Africa for her birthday in August, two questions have been on everyone’s minds: Is he about to propose? Or has he already done so?

Yes, fans are a tiny bit excited about the possibility of Harry slipping a ring on Markle’s finger, but PEOPLE Royals is here to tell you exactly how you’ll find out — if and when it happens.

How will you know? Well, for starters, the palace will make the announcement. No one else. If Harry and Markle are engaged and keeping it under wraps, the only people who will be privy to such information will be their nearest and dearest — people they’d trust not to leak the information.

If you want a more clear idea of how a potential royal engagement announcement will go, take a look back almost seven years ago, when Prince William and the then-Kate Middleton shared their own engagement news on November 16, 2010.

At the time of their engagement, the couple had been together for eight years, during which countless wedding bell rumors and false claims had circulated. But when the news hit, you knew: The palace made an early morning announcement. Social media, even back in 2010, was in a frenzy. (Imagine what it would be like in 2017!)

Soon after the official announcement was made, William and Kate attended a photo call at St. James’s Palace. Then, they did an on-camera interview with Sky News — the first time the public heard Kate speak. In the interview, William said that he popped  the question while the couple was on vacation in Kenya in October — a month prior to the public announcement.

William and Kate had been seen together in public after the engagement — most notably at the wedding of their friends Harry Meade and Rosie Bradford. Kate didn’t, however, wear her new ring to the occasion. Until the palace had given the official word, there were no signs, no hints from the couple that it was time for an engagement.

RELATED VIDEO: Meghan Markle Shares Sweet Kiss With Prince Harry After His Polo Match with Prince William

It was a whirlwind of a day, and all of it was publicly broadcast — and dictated by the palace’s terms. An engagement between Harry and Markle can be expected to follow a similar pattern.

So, how can you be the first to know? Keep your eye on the royal family’s official Twitter feeds, @KensingtonRoyal, @RoyalFamily and @ClarenceHouse, for one. And of course, head to PEOPLE Royals. Though the palace themselves will be the first ones to give the word, we’ll be ready!

Put your celeb and pop culture knowledge to the test and download PEOPLE and Zynga’s Crosswords with Friends!

Women Strike Back Against Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect “Body” ’ Campaign

Women Strike Back Against Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect “Body” ’ Campaign


With their #IAmPerfect movement, three U.K. residents are saying the lingerie brand is body shaming and promoting an unrealistic standard of beauty.

The Hangover 2 Controversy

by (Danielle Dallman) @ Danielle Dallman

For one of my Adventure in Women's Studies events, I attended the "Q is for Queer" event on campus. While at the event, the movie The Hangover 2 was brought up during discussion. A girl at the event discussed the controversy of one of the scenes in the movie that really opened my eyes.
The scene she brought up was when the guys in the movie are trying to figure out what happened to them the previous night and Alan remembers they were at a strip club. The guys go to the strip club that they were at the night before to see if they can find anymore clues about what happened to them. While they are at the strip club, the guys find out that Stu engaged in sexual intercourse with one of the strippers. Stu, who is engaged and has his wedding in a couple of days, is obviously upset to hear that he cheated on his fiance with a stripper. The guys reassure him that everything is okay and try to play it off as no big deal. Phil even tells Stu that he technically isn't even married yet and the guys laugh about what happened.
The scene becomes controversial when Stu and his friends find out that the stripper is transexual. Based off of a heteronormative viewpoint, the guys all assumed the stripper was straight. This takes things to a whole new level. Stu quickly turns from being disappointed in himself to being embarrassed and disgusted that he participated in a sexual affair with a transexual person. His friends are all in shock and now all of a sudden him cheating is a huge deal.
The girl who brought up this scene at the "Q is for Queer" discussion opened my eyes to how controversial this scene is. Why is it not a big deal if Stu would have had sex with a straight stripper, but since the stripper was a transexual it is all of a sudden not okay? The men in The Hangover demonstrate a homophobia and a strong sense of compulsory heterosexuality.

I did not include the link to this scene because it is highly inappropriate but it can be easily found on Youtube.

I was Wined and Dined by BET, and Then I Got Played

by Black Girl With Long Hair @ Black Girl with Long Hair

Since I started whipping butters as a side (and increasingly main) hustle in late 2014, the progress has been pretty incredible and, in many ways, this year has felt like my ‘breakthrough’. My butters were…

Service Learning: Teaching Children to Live With Intent

by Mallika Chopra @ Intent Blog

The concept of living with intent, with a sense of purpose, can be taught to children at a young age. Parents lead by their own example, but great teachers can have a huge impact. Carlthorp School, my daughter’s school in Santa Monica CA, has developed an incredible program with KidUnity, an organization that combines 21st […]

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Victoria’s Secret “I Love My Body” Campaign, not so Loving.

by Laura Ryu @ Snippets on Marketing

What comes into your mind when you hear the phrase “I Love My Body“? I translate that as “loving my body, despite the social standards or however I look.” Ironically, the Victoria’s Secret’s campaign with the slogan “I Love My Body” includes a poster of “Victoria’s Secret Angels” (models) lined up in their new “Body … Continue reading


by Jennifer Lee @ Newvoices Wings

Matthew 10: 38-39 It’s been 3 years since that day. Almost everything before that is a blur. Numerous moments have been forgotten inside my mind. I can’t even remember what I did the day before that. Everything that I had done on that specific day is all pencil shavings: meaningless and without a purpose. Everything [...]

Hey, Teen Me! I’m Grateful for You. Teen Week 2012

by Melanie @ Feminist Fatale

This post is part of Teen Week 2012: Words that Heal. Originally posted at Dear Sweet 16, It’s me, the 39-year-old you with a little advice, lots of love, and tons of gratitude. I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I’m writing to let you know that I’m thinking […]

Rag-O-Rama and The Salvation Army join together for Spring Cleaning

by reagancanaday @ Ohio University Strategic Social Media

According to Brand Bastion Incorporated, the role of social media in retail marketing has massively increased over the last 10 years. In an article, they found that social media drives more retail traffic than any other channel while building and maintaining brand reputation, while acquiring and maintaining consumers (Brand Bastion, 2014). Based on this information, […]

TED Talk Ideas?

by wbz5002 @ Wendy's RCL Blog

My English class has been assigned the to present an analytical, educational yet inspiring TED Talk. The speeches are supposed to be related to our paradigm shift papers. My paradigm shift paper is primarily about the shift from fast-food towards the fast casual restaurants aka McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King to Chipotle, Panera and Qdoba. […]

Introduction to Body Image

by (Alexandra Waters) @ Body Image

The issue we chose to address in Women and Gender Studies is how body image is portrayed in the media and its effects on the general public. We noticed this issue is mainly directed towards women yet also has an underlying effect on men. Celebrities are under constant scrutiny from the media to have a certain body type. Their pictures are photo shopped before put in magazines yet they are attacked if they look like they have symptoms of an eating disorder. We feel like this topic closely ties into what we will be learning in our Women and Gender Studies class.

We chose this topic because a lot of women can relate to or suffer from eating disorders. When looking at magazines celebrities appear to have a perfect body and along with that a perfect life. This makes women think that if they look like the models in the magazines they will have that perfect life as well. This mentality leads to eating disorders. We think body image is relatable because when we look at magazines nobody ever feels like they are pretty, skinny or perfect enough.

Throughout the course of our blog we will be examining a variety of issues pertaining to body image issues.

WATCH: Amplifying the Personal and the Political in Pop Culture

by Lynn Rosado @ Ms. Magazine Blog

The thumbnail of Retro Reports’ mini-doc for The New York Times, “The Fight Over Women’s Bodies,” is a still shot of women dressed in red robes and bonnets a la the concubines in The Handmaid's Tale.

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Why I’m Not Feeling Dove’s “Love Your Curls” Campaign

Why I’m Not Feeling Dove’s “Love Your Curls” Campaign

Black Girl with Long Hair

When Dove first released their “Love Your Curls” video, it quickly went viral. I watched the video and was excited to see an ad that focused on accepting curls and wearing your natural …

The Problem with Dove | THE ILLUSIONISTS

The Problem with Dove | THE ILLUSIONISTS

THE ILLUSIONISTS - a documentary about body image and globalization

The dark side of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign: from its controversial parent company, to the marketing of Dove skin whitening deodorants in India...

Love the Way You Lie

by (Danielle Dallman) @ Danielle Dallman

While reading the article "Battering and Physical Abuse" I instantly thought of the music video from the song "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem and Rihanna (I included the link at the bottom of this blog). The song is about domestic violence and the music video shows an intense example of an unhealthy relationship to put it lightly. The video shows a couple (Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan) who are trapped in an abusive relationship and although the article from the book tells us that women are "5 to 8 times more likely to be victimized by an intimate partner" this music video shows both the man and woman are both contributing to the abuse. The video starts with the couple cuddling in bed and within seconds they are wrestling each other and Megan spits into Dominic's face.

While watching the video and seeing the couple constantly emotionally and physically fight you wonder why doesn't one of them leave the unhealthy relationship? I believe the video does a very good job of showing the cycle of violence that is discussed in the book. The book states "first comes the buildup of tension when violence is brewing, second is the violent episode, and third is the honeymoon phase when men tend to be especially remorseful-- even horrified that they could have done such a thing-- and ask for forgiveness." The couple depicted in the music video goes through these phases multiple times and it appears to be an endless cycle for them. Something triggers off a fight (Megan found a phone number written on Dominic's hand) then they scream at each other until one gets pushed over the edge and commits an act of violence. The couple will be slapping and grabbing each other, and then within moments will be kissing and passionately making out. The honeymoon phase may be a bit overly sexualized in this video but at one point Dominic presents Megan with a teddy bear asking for her forgiveness. The cycle continues on and on and it shows how hard it may be to leave a relationship with someone you love, no matter how physically and emotionally harming it may be.

Fun Fact: I read somewhere awhile ago (when the video first came out) that Megan Fox donated the money she made from the video to a shelter for abused women and children.

Here is the YouTube link to the music video:

Victoria's Secret pulls 'perfect' label

Victoria's Secret pulls 'perfect' label


Victoria's Secret removed the phrase "The Perfect 'Body'" from its new bra campaign, instead opting for a more inclusive tag line.

Pregnancy Didn’t Give Me Incredible Hair Growth… It Gave Me Split Ends and Dandruff

by Chinwe @ Black Girl with Long Hair

Before giving birth to my beautiful son this year, I had experienced what most moms do during pregnancy. My first trimester included morning sickness and fatigue, both of which were not limited to the day…

How Hepburn Sells Chocolate

by Amber Norwood @ Newvoices Wings

It is very common for an advertiser to use a celebrity to affect a product’s value, such as in Galaxy’s 2013 chocolate bar advertisement [aka Dove Chocolate], which included a digital re-creation of Audrey Hepburn. In several days, most news outlets scrambled to report this new Galaxy girl; the ad touched off a heated discussion [...]

Dove's New Real Beauty Campaign Is Real Awesome

Dove's New Real Beauty Campaign Is Real Awesome

Her Campus

Finally, a company that actually gets it.

I Was Gone Because I Was Opening My First Store in Brooklyn… I’m Back Now

by Black Girl With Long Hair @ Black Girl with Long Hair

I said I was coming back to blogging and then I disappeared again. Well this time I’m back for good (seriously) plus I was gone for a good reason. Selling whipped shea, cocoa and mango…

Romantic vs Stalking

by (Danielle Dallman) @ Danielle Dallman

A couple of weeks ago in class we discussed how easily romantic gestures can turn into forms of stalking. These overly romantic actions can be found in just about every Lifetime or romantic chick-flick movie ever made. I am a sucker for cheesy, romantic movies so I should be considered a pro when it comes to knowing romantic movie scenes. My all time favorite movie is The Notebook and there is a famous scene in the beginning of the movie when Noah first meets Allie. Noah spots Allie while they are at a fair and quickly approaches her. When Noah tries to talk to Allie she denies him immediately and shows no form of interest. Instead of backing off, this encourages Noah to try harder and he ends up climbing into the seat of the Ferris Wheel in between Allie and another man. This is where things get "romantic." The man in charge of the Ferris Wheel stops the ride and yells at Noah because three people are not allowed to sit in the ride at the same time. I am not sure what the ride owner expected Noah to do considering the fact that he stopped the ride at a very high point, but Noah being the hopeless romantic he is, decides to climb out and hang from the ride. This act of love is extremely dangerous but suppose to be the most romantic thing a man has ever done. He continues to hang while asking Allie if she will go on a date with him. Allie refuses until Noah makes the situation even more dramatic and hangs by only one arm. While everyone is shouting at Noah to knock it off and get back into the ride, he responds by exclaiming "not til she agrees" meaning not until she agrees to a date with him. Finally after Noah's single-handed grip is starting to slip, Allie agrees to go on a date with him.

Before taking this Women's Studies class, I would never have considered this type of gesture as "stalking." I mean, what girl doesn't want a guy to risk their life by begging them to go on a date with them (especially Ryan Gosling)? Not until after the class discussion did I realize how quickly romantic gestures can cross the line and turn into stalking.

Here is a link to the Ferris Wheel scene from The Notebook:

Dove's Newest Campaign Challenges Beauty Standards Like Never Before

Dove's Newest Campaign Challenges Beauty Standards Like Never Before

Elite Daily

Celebrate YOUR beauty on YOUR terms.

Practice Facing the Small Things: 11 ways to Avoid Avoidance

by Chelcee @ The Body Is Not An Apology

One day a friend of mine who I had been meaning to call (but now felt anxious about how long it had been) got on the bus I was on. Instead of waving to him and saying ‘so glad I ran into you!” I literally ducked down, head out the back exit and walked home….in the rain. This is just one of the so many ways my propensity for avoiding uncomfortable scenarios has popped up in my life. Here are some of the ways I’ve learned to push back on this habit, or at least limit it’s harm, over the years.

Photographer Captures Love's Intensity By Vacuum-Sealing Couples Together

by Kimberly B. Johnson @ Konbini United States

Love is a complicated thing. ya' know? It's filled with twists and turns at every corner. And if it doesn't kill you, it will bind you to another person in a way that is strange, unique and intense. It was this sentiment that inspired Tokyo-born photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi, a.k.a Photographer Hal, to create his series "Flesh Love"– […]

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gymbunny14's Keto Diet - Need to drop 4-5 lbs this week

by @ Forums and Community Community Blog List

Okayyy sooooo as the title says: this week I need to lose like 4-5 pounds! MUST BE 125 BY SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I was 129 as of yesterday so I think I can do it. I did eat too much already today, had eggs, popcorn, cereal and some bread. I'm probs gonna take a lax later on to get everything out lol. But in order to ensure that I am 125 by saturday I'm gonna decrease my calories for this week from 500 to 300. So, every day will look like this or very similar to this:
Pre-workout: 3 egg whites with 1/4 avo
Post-workout: salmon on spinach


Thats around 270 kcal I believe. Somedays I may switch eggs for Greek yogurt, or the salmon for protein shake or something. But the goal is to stay around 300. Will also be working out pretty intensely all week. I have an event Saturday that I need to look good for, so that's why I wanna be 125 by then. I'm done eating for today. Gonna have water/coffee and do work the remainder of today, and then go workout later tonight. also gonna be taking vyvanse a lot this week bc have big exams to study for, so that should help with any hunger!

In Hillary’s determination, I see my generation

by Elizabeth Levinson @ National Organization for Women

By Elizabeth Levinson, Vice President’s Office Intern I will be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a political junkie. I knew that the Democrats would come in blazing to promote our candidate, and I was looking forward to seeing the strategies they would take to oppose the platform embodied by the Republican... Read more »

It Took Me 32 Years To Realize that Low Self-Esteem Was Quite Literally Destroying My Life

by Black Girl With Long Hair @ Black Girl with Long Hair

I don’t ascribe to parenting philosophies, but if I had to I’d describe my approach as a combination of ‘gentle’ and ‘free range’. I don’t hover and I don’t spank. I don’t comb my daughter’s…

About Dove

About Dove

Dove US

Find out more about our vision to help make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety, here.

Dove Campaigns

Dove Campaigns

Dove US

Learn more about Dove campaigns here and watch your favorite videos from Real Beauty Sketches to Choose Beautiful.



WE magazine for women

Woman of a Certain Age, by Marcia Barhydt I recently saw a post on Facebook comparing the models of Victoria’s Secret with the models of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. The photos stopped me in my track! If you visit this page, you’ll see what I’m talking about… …

VICTORIA S SECRET Love My Body Campaign Dove Real Beauty Campaign Essa Gina C | Dove Meme on SIZZLE

VICTORIA S SECRET Love My Body Campaign Dove Real Beauty Campaign Essa Gina C | Dove Meme on SIZZLE


VICTORIA S SECRET Love My Body Campaign Dove Real Beauty CampaignEssa Gina c: from Facebook tagged as Dove Meme

Here's What We're Buying from Urban Outfitters' Massive Home Sale

Here's What We're Buying from Urban Outfitters' Massive Home Sale

by Megan Stein @

Have a case of the Tuesdays? Urban Outfitters has the cure.

The clothing store recently expanded its (secretly amazing) “Apartment” section to offer select pieces in stores across the country, and it’s celebrating with a massive sale. Bedding, lighting, furniture and more favorite finds are now discounted up to 40% off, and you’ll want to scoop up what stops you in your decorating tracks ASAP. If the price slash isn’t enough to persuade you, check out these 5 picks that we’re adding to our shopping carts now (in addition to the dreamy Moroccan poufs above):

RELATED: Every Home Product You Need to Show Your Pumpkin Spice Pride

1. Gumball Floor Lamp

Buy it!: $119.00;

2. 16-Piece Marble Glaze Dinnerware Set

Buy it!: $80.00;

3. Assembly Home Crewel Palms Pillow

Buy it!: $44.00;

RELATED: Everything We Know About Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Target Line So Far

4. Nora Saddle Chair

Buy it!: $129.00;

5. Ruffle Comforter

Buy it!: $129.00;

'You're fat and ordinary': Dove ad reveals what women really think about themselves

'You're fat and ordinary': Dove ad reveals what women really think about themselves

A new advert forces women to confront the negative thoughts they have about their own bodies

VICTORIA'S SECRET Love My Body Campaign Dove Real Beauty Campaign Victoria Secret vs Dove View Full -> Httpwwwclassy9comshot3539 | Beautiful Meme on

VICTORIA'S SECRET Love My Body Campaign Dove Real Beauty Campaign Victoria Secret vs Dove View Full -> Httpwwwclassy9comshot3539 | Beautiful Meme on

VICTORIA'S SECRET Love My Body Campaign Dove Real Beauty CampaignVictoria Secret Vs DoveView full -> from Facebook tagged as Beautiful Meme

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Flashes a Bit of Her Baby Bump and Poses in a Bathrobe with Her Girlfriends

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Flashes a Bit of Her Baby Bump and Poses in a Bathrobe with Her Girlfriends

by Stephanie Petit @

Kylie Jenner is teasing the first signs of a baby bump.

The 20-year-old reality star, who is expecting her first child with beau Travis Scott, shared a glimpse of her stomach in an Instagram photo wishing her BFF Jordyn Woods a happy birthday. In the photo — which was taken on Friday but uploaded on Sunday — Jenner rests her hand on her waist, slightly lifting her baggy black sweatshirt to expose a glimpse of her stomach.

“Yesterday was cute,” Jenner captioned the image with Woods and a giraffe. “Hope you had the happiest of birthdays Jordy. Love you forever ever and beyond..”

The makeup mogul posted another photo with several girlfriends on Sunday, where they’re all posing in white bath robes.

“Mornings,” she simply captioned the mirror selfie with a happy face.

RELATED: Is This When Travis Scott Found Out Kylie Jenner Was Pregnant with His Child?

One day after sources confirmed to PEOPLE that she is pregnant, Jenner headed to Las Vegas to watch him perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who is expecting a baby girl in February, covered up her bump with an oversized black t-shirt and brown plastic pants.

From a VIP platform, Jenner watched Scott, 25, perform with DJ Khaled, Chance The Rapper, Demi Lovato and French Montana at the T-Mobile Arena.

Scott and Jenner are both exciting about becoming new parents.

“It is an unexpected but completely amazing turn of events that she could not be more excited or thrilled about,” a source previously said.

RELATED: All the Outfits Kylie Jenner Has Worn to Hide Her Pregnancy

“Everyone is overjoyed for her,” the source added. “This is the happiest she’s ever been.”

RELATED VIDEO: Kylie Jenner, 20, Pregnant with First Child with Travis Scott: They’re ‘Really Excited,’ Says Source

Another insider said Scott began telling friends about the pregnancy in July. “He was so excited he couldn’t keep it in,” says the insider. “He’s been so affectionate and protective of Kylie since they found out. He can’t wait to be a dad.”

Jenner has been dating Scott since earlier this year.

Her baby won’t be the only new member joining the famous KarJenner brood: older sister Kim Kardashian West is also expecting via surrogate. Kardashian West shares two other children with husband Kanye WestSaint, who is 21 months old, and daughter North, who turned 4 in June.

Jenner’s also aunt to brother Rob Kardashian‘s daughter Dream, 10 months, and sister Kourtney Kardashian‘s three children: Mason, 7, Penelope, 5, and Reign, 2.

Sk1nnymini's Blog - 9-24-17

by @ Forums and Community Community Blog List

Was worried I would eat really bad this weekend since that's when I tend to binge or eat really fatty foods from work but happy to say I did pretty well especially today! (sunday). I'm weighing at 129 lbs now so i'm well on my way to getting where I want to be.


Since the transfer to my new work location my mental health seems to be getting better. Work has been easier and good money. It really is easier with an 'out of sight, out of mind' type of situation although plenty still inform me of the latest asshole thing you've said. Oh well. I miss my old coworkers a lot, the new ones are nice enough but not the same. But i'm not there to make friends i'm just there to make money and leave.


School has been super shitty. I am STRUGGGLINGGGGG so bad. like i've never done this bad before in the beginning. And now that my work schedule is in full effect it's only going to get worse. I just really need to manage my fucking time and get more sleep. I have a test tomorrow and I need to make a B if not an A. No more fucking around. Just 2 months left of this incredibly hard shit and it'll all pay off. In other news, I am so ready for fall to come. Please bring on the cold weather. Thanks.

‘The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson’, A Documentary On The Pioneering LGBTQ Rights Activist

by wysk @ Women You Should Know®

Marsha P Johnson was one of the icons of the gay rights movement in the 1960s, she, along with her best friend and fellow activist Sylvia Rivera, formed the first trans-rights organization, Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries (STAR) in 1970. When Marsha’s body was found in the Hudson River in 1992, police called it a suicide […]

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Last Chance! Get the Best Coach Bags on Sale for Under $200

Last Chance! Get the Best Coach Bags on Sale for Under $200

by Kami Phillips @

Given all the buzz surrounding Coach and its newest partnership with Selena Gomez as the face of the brand, it’s no wonder why everyone is dying to get their hands on one of their namesake styles. Good news is that right now during their Fall Sale Event you can score one (or two, or ten!) fabulous styles for yourself because the more you spend, the more you save!

Many of the label’s most famous bags usually cost $500 and up but now when you spend up to $250 you receive 20 percent off, when you spend between $200 – $500 you’ll receive 25 percent off, and when you spend $500 or more you’ll receive 30 percent off – meaning you can score a major look for under $200. Our favorites include the crossbody with floral appliques and the convertible crossbody that can be carried three different ways and perfect for just about any occasion.

Scroll down to check out these styles and more — but hurry and get shopping because this deal only lasts until September 24th.

Pop-Up Messenger Bag

A card holder easily pops in and out of this bag making it a perfect hands-free style for your next girls’ night out and all of your weekend adventures.

Buy It! Pop-Up Messenger Bag, $140 (orig. $175);


The mix of this color and style gives off a totally trend ’70s vibe.

Buy It! Chelsea Crossbody, $180 (orig. $225);

Embellished Crossbody

This quirky crossbody is so much fun! Wear it with jeans and vintage tee.

Buy It! Foldover Crossbody Clutch, $125 (orig. $225);

Floral Wristlet

Add some personality to your look with this floral printed wristlet.


Buy It! Nolita Wristlet, $100 (orig. $125);

Convertible Crossbody

This is small enough to hold your essentials and can be worn three different ways – on your shoulder, as a crossbody or detach the strap and carry it as a clutch!

Buy It! Foldover Crossbody Clutch, $187.50 (orig. $250);

What Coach bags are you scoring on sale? Comment below and let us know!

Victoria’s Secret’s “Love My Body” Campaign Is About Everything But — At Least So Far

Victoria’s Secret’s “Love My Body” Campaign Is About Everything But — At Least So Far

The Frisky

At face value, Victoria's Secret's new "Love My Body" campaign sounds like it might be pretty cool and empowering. Like Dove's "Real Women" campaign before it, surely this Victoria's Secret venture must be targeted at women of all shapes and sizes, featuring them in the ads, right? Uh, not so. The retailer is celebrating their "Body by Victoria" line by releasing a mini-collection with three new silhouettes, but, sadly, the ads for "Love My Body" feature the same old Victoria's Secret bombshells. There are some new faces, but the body types — you know, the ones they want you to "love" — are the usual stick-thin and busty array. Models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Marisa Miller discuss what they love about their bodies in various video clips (lemme guess — the lack of body fat?). There's also another video clip which shows the models "writhing around and explaining to viewers what they love about a man's body." So, in other words, Victoria's Secret's "Love My Body" campaign, with its

Weighloss and personal development tracker

by @ Last 10 Submissions RSS Feed

A mixed tracker I made for myself in PDF tracking weight with rewards.
tracking goals, motivational pictures, exercises and quotes for weightloss.
Also a couple of pages tracking tvshows/books.
Planning on updating it with some diets.


Hoping it can give some ideas to others atleast.
I would appreciate if you'd sent a message about if you liked it or nor.

Reflection of Team Assignments in Comm 296

by Laura Ryu @ Snippets on Marketing

Back in September, I was invited by my friend to join a group for our assignments in class. Although I didn’t know most people in my group, I quickly came to realize how amazing our group is. Everyone had such great work ethic, and most importantly we had a very interesting group dynamic. We all … Continue reading

Welcome to LGBTime Machine!

by Isabeau Rea @ National Organization for Women

Note: This is the first post in the blog’s new LGBTime Machine series. Stay tuned for future posts about genderqueer folks through history! By Sabeau Rea, Communications Intern I’m here, genderqueer, and ready to embark with you on a journey to discover the truly astounding history of the community my grandmother likes to refer to... Read more »

3 Things To Do To Stop Criticizing Yourself In Photos

by Jenn Hand @

Are you plagued by the “I hate seeing pictures of myself” syndrome?? Today, I’m diving into how to stop criticizing yourself in photos. Do you look at every single picture you take and scrutinize your flaws, analyze your imperfections, criticize your faults, then sigh, and think that you’re just disgusting and there’s no hope for you? Well, my dear, I have a new way for you to approach looking at photos of yourself. I used to agonize over every single pic of myself. I’d notice my hair that was flipped out in a weird way, my nose that seemed crooked, my

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5 myths about natural beauty products

by Bethany Cleg @ Intent Blog

5 myths about natural beauty products Busting the myths about natural beauty products: If the product gets labeled as, “natural,” it does not mean that the product is natural. If you check the label, chances are you will find ingredients that are not necessarily natural. The manufacturer adds five essential oils and some other elements […]

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Successful Marriage is an Art, and a Talent Worth Pursuing

by Intent @ Intent Blog

For decades now, people have admired the rapport between my husband and I. Whether we’re presenting on stage together, or chatting with friends in our living room, the chemistry is obvious and apparently enviable. A curiosity. Where, I’ve been asked, does it come from? If only I could take my inquirers to Paris. Because my […]

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CollarBonesAreMyCalories' Blog - We don't mention day 4 and 5

by @ Forums and Community Community Blog List

You know that moment when you over eat but lose anyway even though a two day fast led you to maintain. Well that happened so I gave up. Effort seemed pointless. spent two days eating I guess what most would call a "normal" amount but what I'd call like crap. I know I'll have gained when I weigh in the morning. I know it was a bad idea but I don't really care. I'm pretty sure I'm the worlds worst ed person, not cause I'm sick cause I'm exactly the opposite. My body seems immune to whatever I do to it. Well not exactly immune no matter what I do it'll still be fucking fat.


I would give up but I like the control over food too much and I'm determined to get it back, tomorrow I start ABC and I'll probably fail, fall of the wagon, restart and restart. But I'm not ready to accept all that bulimia shit again. you know what I am ready for weight loss. Maybe ABC is the way forward, maybe its what my body needs to start actually being logical. who knows, who cares lets at least pretend I can do something about it though. three weeks till I was meant to be a stone lighter. guess that's not happening but I'll set some new goals. And when they don't get met I'll make them easier again. Anything to feel like I'm in control.


Some good news though, I have a cold that means firstly an excuse to not eat for at least two days and secondly your body burns more calories. I mostly care about the mum not forcing me to eat thing.


"I'll get there and even if I don't get there I'll get somewhere"

Eating Documenting

by @ Last 10 Submissions RSS Feed

This is a new log I have made that I have decided to post, feel free to customize it to your preference by coping and pasting into google docs, word docs, etc.


(I use this to chart my daily calorie intake and such.)

Here's What Bothers Me About the New Dove Ad

Here's What Bothers Me About the New Dove Ad

Bitch Media

If you’re a human being with a social media account, you’ve seen the new Dove commercial already. ...

Fantasy vs Reality, Victoria Secret vs Dove - Women You Should Know

Fantasy vs Reality, Victoria Secret vs Dove - Women You Should Know

Women You Should Know®

In these ads, it's fantasy vs reality, Victoria Secret vs Dove.

FEMINIST FRIDAY: TIME Highlights Women Who Are Changing The World In “Firsts” Series

by GirlTalkHQ @ GirlTalkHQ

Welcome to another edition of Feminist Friday, our weekly column where we get to share a handful of videos we are loving right now. This week, we decided to focus […]

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Shoulder and Chest Circuit

by (Samantha) @ Minor Numbers

There are days where I have limited time to workout but any workout is better than no workout, right? With that being said, I had little precious time to do a shoulder workout after I got back from my run on Tuesday morning.

This is when super sets and circuits come in handy because they definitely save me some time but also allow me to still get a great workout in! I personally like doing super sets during most of my workouts but that's just my preference. Also, for those of you who don't know super sets are where you go from one workout to the next without rest in between. 

For example, if you see 3x12 lateral raises SS 3x12 chest flyes all it means is you'd do a set of lateral raises then immediately chest flyes then immediately back to the lateral raises then the flyes until you finish out the 3 rounds. Pretty much it just means you don't stop working out! 

This circuit took me about 20-30 minutes to complete but don't be fooled because my shoulders and chest were on fireeeee! I was able to do this at home because I have adjustable dumbbells that can go pretty high. For the following exercises I used a 15-20lb range, but do what works for you. Just make sure that you are pushing yourself and it's a struggle (without breaking form) to get those reps out. 

Okay, so for the circuit I just did my favorite shoulder and chest exercises: 

x12 upright rows
x10 lying chest flyes 
x12 front raises
x10 push-ups
x10 rear delt flyes
x12 lateral raises
x10 lying chest press
x12 arnold press

Repeat 3 times! I didn't rest between the moves but kept going through the circuit. Instead of doing a circuit, you can also break it up into 4 sets of supersets a.k.a. 3x12 upright rows SS 3x10 lying chest flyes and then 3x12 front raises SS 10 push-ups etc. 

Prince Harry Hangs Out with Invictus Athletes — and Gives a Service Dog a Head Rub

Prince Harry Hangs Out with Invictus Athletes — and Gives a Service Dog a Head Rub

by Simon Perry @

When Prince Harry went on a behind-the-scenes tour of the athletics stadium at his Paralympic-style Invictus Games, it was more than just the competitors who caught his eye.

“He was mainly talking to Knoxville, my puppy,” says Stefan Leroy, whose service dog received a princely pat on Sunday.

Leroy adds, “He got to play with him for a little bit. He was saying he was a good boy and beautiful looking.”

The 26-year-old former army sergeant — who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan in 2012 —  says Harry, 33, “was encouraging us all.”

For Christy Wise, 30, co-captain of the US Team, it was a chance to exchange some light-hearted banter with the prince as he toured the facility.

“I was carrying my leg and he was ‘Are you carrying you own leg or someone else’s?’ ” she says. “I was like, ‘My own leg this time.’ ”

Wise continues, “He just hangs out with us. He’s all about this. He knows the athletes and is not here to take the picture and leave.”

The serving pilot of Reno, Nevada, severed her right leg when she was hit by a motorboat while paddle-boarding in the sea near Shalimar, Florida, in April 2015. When she took a dive down to swim away from the boat, the propeller cut into her.

She received a bronze medal from Harry following the 100m race. He embraced all the medal-winners in the trackside ceremony.

“I just gave him a hug and tried to keep it short,” Wise adds.

RELATED VIDEO: Prince Harry Kicks Off Invictus Games

In the 200-meter race later, she came in third, after she stumbled when she kicked her ankle with the prosthetic. And then, in a moment that summed up what the Invictus Games are all about, the other racers waited for her and then hugged her at the finish line.

She says, “Sarah Rudder and I train together and are good friends. It’s all about being out here.”

She is looking forward to rowing on Tuesday. “I usually have an disadvantage because I’m an above-the-knee amputee and the other girls are below-the-knee. But in rowing it kind of evens the playing field a little.”

Leroy and Wise are among around 550 competitors from 17 nations taking part in competition until September 30 in Toronto, Canada.

There’s something special about the moment you receive your...

by @ Birchbox

There’s something special about the moment you receive your monthly Birchbox. Whether you’re with your friends, on your own, or with your kids, every unboxing experience is unique—just like you and your beauty needs. With Birchbox, you’ll receive five beauty samples that are personalized specifically to you. It’s a monthly dose of beauty and fun that’s fit for every lifestyle! Share how you open your monthly Birchbox in the comments below! Learn more at JOIN BIRCHBOX: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: by Birchbox

3 Body Image Lessons I Learned At The Beach Last Week

by Jenn Hand @

I was in San Diego over the 4th of July for a long weekend getaway and spent lots of time on the beach (ahhhh!) Being in a bathing suit is always a good test for me and helps me see where I am in my journey… Am I triggered by other women’s bodies? Do I feel self-conscious? Am I comparing myself to someone else? It shows me where my triggers are, where I still have work to do on self-acceptance, and how comfortable I feel in my skin. So here are my reflections from the beach I wanted to share

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Dove Introduced New Bottle Shapes For ‘Body Positivity’ And People On Twitter Think They’re Hilariously Stupid

Dove Introduced New Bottle Shapes For ‘Body Positivity’ And People On Twitter Think They’re Hilariously Stupid

Thought Catalog

For a company that tries so hard not to objectify women, they sure are trying to make me relate to an object.

Dove: Love Your Curls Campaign

Dove: Love Your Curls Campaign

Ohio University Strategic Social Media

  Tiffany Bey             The company Dove is known for their amazing skin care and beauty products such as soap, lotion, shampoo, and etc, but for the last coupl…

FEMINIST FRIDAY: Tackling Body Shaming In India & Accessories Brand Created By Mexican Artisans

by GirlTalkHQ @ GirlTalkHQ

Welcome to another edition of Feminist Friday, our weekly wrap up where we share a handful of videos we are loving right now. It’s also our way of sharing a […]

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Breaking Barriers – The 2017 Emmy Awards Saw Big Wins For Women And Minorities

by GirlTalkHQ @ GirlTalkHQ

It was the night that proved Television and streaming services are much better platforms for increasing diversity in entertainment. The 2017 Emmy Awards notched up some major wins for women […]

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Glenn Avenue Soap Company Campaign Proposal

by Kelsey Miller @ Ohio University Strategic Social Media

Our ultimate goal for Glenn Avenue Soap Company is to increase social media following by incorporating our client more into the local community of Columbus and increasing brand loyalty and recognition. We developed three different tactics that incorporate this goal and help accomplish it. Each tactic brings our brand into the community, encourages following, and […]

"Community Responsibility"

by (Danielle Dallman) @ Danielle Dallman

This morning while I was getting my daily dose of Facebook while lying in my bed, a girl from my high school posted a status with a link in it. Her status said "amazing. this certainly took courage." so naturally my curiosity got the best of me and I clicked the link of the Youtube video that was included in her status. The video was titled "Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him on Live TV" and the title is pretty self explanatory. The news anchor is a bigger woman who recently got an e-mail from a random man titled "Community Responsibility." A copy of the e-mail is shown in the video and the man is ridiculing this woman for not being a good example to young women because of her weight. After reading the pages out of "Women's Voices Feminist Visions" and the Ereserve article "The Body Politic" by Chernik, I could not believe how well this video related to these readings.

Society places an unrealistic and unhealthy expectations on girls these days. In the "Love Your Fat Self" article in WFVF Courtney E. Martin states "Sizeism remains the only truly socially acceptable form of discrimination on the planet." (265) Girls feel the need to be as skinny as a toothpick because we are constantly being shown models who have no meat on their body and being told that this is beautiful and if your aren't this skinny then you aren't as beautiful either. These expectations girls have to be as skinny as the girls they seen in magazines and TV are causing them to put their bodies in danger and take drastic measures to become "skinny enough" for society. It is not only the voice inside our head that is torturing ourselves, but in the case of the news anchor in the Youtube video, it is outside voices as well. For a man to send an e-mail commenting on the woman's weight and telling her to "reconsider your public responsibility as a local public personality" is baffling to me and gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. The news anchor's response is highly motivational and restores my faith in society; I highly recommend you all to watch it.

“Say Hello to my Little Friend”: Media’s Fear of the Gangster’s BFF

by Allie Turner @ Newvoices Wings

Delia Scari Dressed in a sleek black and white suit, Al Pacino, portraying the gangster, Michael Corleone, casually pulls out a gun in the middle of a diner and shoots drug lord, Sollozzo directly in the forehead. Nobody can deny the polished and cool mastery of Al Pacino’s daunting gangster, of which he has achieved [...]

Bi-dentity Politics: Television’s Role in How We Understand Bisexuality

by National Organization for Women @ National Organization for Women

By Gabby Seed, Fundraising Intern “I’m bisexual. So what? It’s called LGBTQ for a reason. There’s a B in there and it doesn’t mean badass. Okay, it does, but it also means bi.” Callie Torres, a fan favorite and my personal favorite surgeon on Shonda Rhimes’s cult show Grey’s Anatomy, is an incredibly rare example... Read more »

greeneyez's Blog - empty

by @ Forums and Community Community Blog List

I'm just filled to the brim with pain, but the pain comes from emptiness, and how can being empty, feeling nothing, hurt you? How can nothingness stab at your heart with the force of a thousand knives, when it's....nothing? It's weird, that. That emptiness brings the greatest pain of all. No problem in this world could hurt you more than not having any problems. That's just my personal belief, anyway.


"filled with emptiness". that's funny.

New Beginnings!

by (Samantha) @ Minor Numbers

Hi guys!!

I'm really excited to share this news with you buuuut instead of me rambling on, I'll let you check it out for yourself! 

P.s. true story: I went to hit publish before I even gave you the link. Sometimes I'm amazed that I can manage to get through the day...good thing I remembered last minute so here it is :)

Overcoming Your Addiction

by Tom Wanek @ Business-Building Principles for Main Street Business Owners

Yesterday — for the first time in years — I set foot inside J.C. Penney. To my surprise, I came away impressed with the retailer’s customer experience. Shortly after walking into the store, my wife and I were cheerfully greeted by two J.C. Penney employees. What’s more, the store featured wide, inviting aisles … neatly […]

Dove Has A Beauty Problem - Ms. Magazine Blog

Dove Has A Beauty Problem - Ms. Magazine Blog

Ms. Magazine Blog

In April, I posted Dove’s Real Beauty campaign video on my Facebook with the caption, “You’re more beautiful than you think.” At first glance, this video seemed comforting, almost therapeutic as an antidote against our airbrushed versions of beauty typified by Hollywood and glossy magazine covers. Instead of telling women to lose weight, apply makeup correctly …

Reckoning and Wrecking

by Elline Lipkin @ Ms. Magazine Blog

What fascinated me about Claire Dederer’s book, "Love and Trouble," was the way she tries to reconcile the teenage girl she was with the middle-aged woman she has become.

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Donate Life America Campaign Pitch

by Emily Barber @ Ohio University Strategic Social Media

“You never think it will happen to you.” This mindset gives us the courage to take risks, but it can also prevent us from taking action. Organ donation is a tough subject to approach, but what if we changed that? What if audiences of Donate Life knew exactly why organ donation was important and how […]

Is the way you track conversions damaging your campaigns?

by Tina Desai @ Marketing Week

One of the biggest challenges in marketing over recent years has been tracking the value and efficacy of campaigns. Focusing on last-click conversions could be significantly damaging our marketing - but not in the way you think.

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Bugatti&bones' Blog - Resistance

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I need to stop stealing.
I make up rational thoughts on stealing, but I know it is not moral.
I am neither ashamed or unashamed.
It is what it is.
I need to focus on letting myself free from chains.
There are ways I can do better.
I should not reflect on my mischievous past and wait for my breakthrough.
There is guilt on my face.
One side of me does not care about the things in life.
Another tells me to do whatever I want.
Some day there will be harmony between the two where good things will come out.

Outlet Stores : Is it a benefit?

by Laura Ryu @ Snippets on Marketing

Who doesn’t love items on discount?  Nowadays, there are malls dedicated for these ‘discount stores’ called outlets or outlet malls. The general idea is that there are stores with same items from the same brand, but at a cheaper, discounted price. Upside to having outlet stores is that a brand can increase their sales. Their … Continue reading

What’s Preventing YOU from Walking the Walk?

by Tom Wanek @ Business-Building Principles for Main Street Business Owners

Some years ago, a PC enthusiast stormed out of my workshop when he objected to the Apple Computer case study I was presenting. Evidently, praising Apple was too much for this poor soul to bear. That said, I realize and appreciate that Apple is a polarizing brand. So let me first begin by warning you […]

How Yoga Changed My Mind (And My Relationship to My Body)

by Melanie @ Feminist Fatale

This post was originally published at MindBodyGreen. For the women in my family, the body was a sFor the women in my family, the body was a source of anxiety, shame, a measure of discipline and worth – something to fret over, scrutinize, and punish for bad behavior. Food invoked anxiety and fear. Calories were […]

Video: Photobooth of Change, Body Image Edition

by Melanie @ Feminist Fatale

Originally create for and posted at   By Melanie Klein–My students and I talked back to mainstream media by creating our own  messages. We let them know that we’re fed up with what we’re being given and told them what we want. Sometimes anger can spark real change, especially when it gets us to […]

Longer (and warmer!) days mean making more time to enjoy those...

by @ Birchbox

Longer (and warmer!) days mean making more time to enjoy those fun moments —and less time for primping. This month, we’re helping you get ready for all your upcoming adventures to the beach, city, and beyond with our favorite high impact, low effort summer beauty products. Watch this video to learn about all the sample choice options for your May Birchbox. May 2017 Sample Choices: MAC Strobe Cream Vita Liberata Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion Living proof PhD In Shower Styler Featured Curated Box Sample Choices: MAC False Lashes Mascara OUAI Wave Spray Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Sunscreen (face sunscreen) COOLA Mango Body Sunscreen (body sunscreen) Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator JOIN BIRCHBOX: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: by Birchbox

See The Difference Between Victoria's Secret And Dove Models

See The Difference Between Victoria's Secret And Dove Models

Business Insider

Models vs. "Real Beauty." ;


by @ Last 10 Submissions RSS Feed

Definitely one of my favourites

International round-up: Coca-Cola’s new corporate campaign, Uber sues mobile agency

by Marketing Week Reporters @ Marketing Week

Coca-Cola looks to make its corporate brand about more than just Coke Coca-Cola has launched a new corporate branding campaign in the US that aims to portray it as a “total beverage company” and shift the focus away from its most famous product. The spots, which are airing on US TV, feature a wide range […]

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1 Week Meal/Exercise Planner

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I don't remember where i got this from (no it wasn't from the TIU website) but i like to use it to plan out my meals and exercise for the week. You can always cover up the header if you want (or keep it as is so people think you're following a legit workout/lifestyle plan).

Final Pitch Presentation: Level One Bar & Arcade

by ar223612 @ Ohio University Strategic Social Media

In order to celebrate Level One Bar & Arcade’s one year anniversary, we plan on executing a multi-step social media marketing campaign throughout the three months leading up to the celebration (mid September 2016). Starting in June, we intend to slowly roll out announcements for the weekend-long celebration across existing Level One social media accounts. […]

Fear Transformed!

by 4GGL @ 4GGL

How We Can Shape the Future of Syria: Recently, Jin In spoke at the Human Rights Defenders Forum, hosted by the Carter Foundation.  “What is needed now more than ever is leadership that steers us away from fear and fosters greater confidence in inherent goodness and ingenuity.” – President Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center  Jin’s quoted…

Dove’s New 'Body Type' Bottles Will Give You Body-Image Panic Attacks In The Shampoo Aisle

Dove’s New 'Body Type' Bottles Will Give You Body-Image Panic Attacks In The Shampoo Aisle


These “Real Beauty Bottles" offer a painful reminder that you have a body ‘type’.

Here’s How To Stop Obsessing Over Food (Try These 3 Shifts!)

by Jenn Hand @

When you’re feeling like food is the ONE thing that consumes you 24/7, it can feel overwhelming to think about how to stop obsessing over food. I’ve taken 3 of the most important shifts to start with to help your days feel more free! Let weight loss come second. No, it’s not bad to want to lose weight (I just wrote about that here). But what is damaging to your healing is letting that be your #1 focus. When you’re constantly striving to be somewhere “else” (a lower weight, a smaller size, a more toned body, etc), you’ll continuously be disappointed. But

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Healthy Choices at Chipotle

by (Samantha) @ Minor Numbers

Yesterday I had dinner with my best friend. It can hard to see each other because she's finishing up taking classes so she lives on campus while I now live at home out in the suburbs. We try to catch up during the week over dinner since I work close to her apartment. She's been crazy busy lately, though, so I was glad that we finally had the time to catch up!

We decided to go to Chipotle and it's one of my favorite places to go because it's delicious and so easy to work with macro-wise. I don't care what anyone says, you can always find something eating out that works for you! I won't say it'll be easy but it's totally possible. Some guesstimating might be necessary so you have to learn to be flexible.

I needed something lower on the carb side (I was saving a majority of my carbs for protein pancakes because let's be honest pancakes > burritos) but high in protein. So I chose the chicken salad!

My order had romaine lettuce, chicken, fajita vegetables, and the tomato salsa (10g carbs, 35g protein, and 7g fat). I already knew ahead of time what to get because of Chipotle's handy online nutrition calculator. A lot of restaurants will post nutrition facts nowadays plus myfitnesspal has a great database of foods that I can look in there. So it's always a great idea to check there! That way you're not scrambling to make it all fit after you've gotten your order.

Generally, my advice when going to Chipotle is skip the burrito. Yes, I know it's delicious and wonderful and everything you could hope for but it is hardly ever macro-friendly. It's better to stick with a burrito bowl which means you get all the flavor without ruining your macros. In my freshman year of college, I ate the burritos all the time until I looked up the nutrition facts and decided it'd be better to switch off to something else. And I honestly haven't felt as though I've missed out at all!

So, using the online nutrition calculator here are some ideas that you can try out!

- Chicken Burrito Bowl: chicken, rice (white or brown, doesn't matter), fajita vegetables, and fresh tomato salsa
        Macros: 420 calories, 40g carbs, 38g protein, and 14g fat

- Steak Burrito Bowl: steak, black beans, fajita vegetables and green tomatillo salsa
        Macros: 350 calories, 32g carbs, 39g protein, and 8g fat

- Carnitas Salad: carnitas, romaine lettuce, pinto beans, and tomato salsa
        Macros: 365 calories, 27g carbs, 34g protein, and 14g fat

- Barbacoa Salad: barbacoa, romaine lettuce, corn, and fresh tomato salsa
        Macros: 275 calories, 24g carbs, 29g protein, and 8g fat

- Chicken & Steak Salad: 1/2 portion of chicken, 1/2 portion of steak, black beans, romaine lettuce, and red tomatillo salsa
       Macros: 340 calories, 29g carbs, 40g protein, and 9g fat

Just some basic guidelines that I've learned about balancing things out. I usually always try to get chicken as my protein because it's the leanest. Which means I'll get more protein with less fat to account for in my macros. It's perfectly fine to pick a fattier meat like the carnitas but keep in mind of that extra fat which means it might not be the best idea to add sour cream or guacamole as a topping.

I did a quick calculation and just the carnitas and sour cream alone you're looking at over 20g of fat, which is half of my daily intake at the moment. Of course if you have a higher fat macro then you're more than welcome to have it, I'm just saying be careful because things like that can add up quickly.

Another tip is don't get the salad dressing. I find that if I just add a salsa like the fresh tomato or green chili, it's more than enough for a dressing. I just mix it around and it gives the lettuce plenty of flavor and moisture. That's a quick and easy way for me to save calories and macros.

If you need low-carb like I did, steer clear of the rice or beans. You can probably do one or the other but just not both. I would probably go with the beans since they're also lower in fat than the rice but again it's up to your individual macro needs. I hardly ever get the sour cream or cheese because of the extra fat or the guacamole because it's an extra cost. If I didn't have to pay extra for it, though, I'd totally macro hoard to get that to fit ;)

Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative with your toppings to match your macros! If you really want the carnitas but not all the fat then I'd recommend getting a half portion with a less fattier protein. I've done that with the chicken before and it works out great! You get half the fat but can still have the food that you want, win-win situation as far as I'm concerned. I've tried plenty of different combinations before and never had any problems with ordering it. If you have a specialty order just make sure you're nice about asking :)

So, there you have it! Some macro-friendly ideas to try while eating at Chipotle. If you guys want some ideas for other restaurants, let me know and I'd be happy to do more posts on the subject. I love getting suggestions from you guys!

announcing: yoga + body image, the book!

by Melanie @ Feminist Fatale

Cross-posted from it’s all yoga, baby. Melanie Klein and Anna Guest-Jelley are doing some of the most important work in the yoga community. Both women are committed to writing about the complicated relationship between yoga, body image and feminism. So it’s natural that they should team up and co-edit a collection of essays exploring this […]

Dove Launches New Campaign, Encourages Women to Place Accomplishments Above Appearances

Dove Launches New Campaign, Encourages Women to Place Accomplishments Above Appearances


Dove is at it again. On the heels of its Love Your Hair film that debuted in April (and has more than nine million views. Whaaat?!), the skin- and hair-care company just launched the...

Sick of the "Love Your Body at Any Size" Campaigns?

Sick of the "Love Your Body at Any Size" Campaigns?

Do you roll your eyes at the "love your body at any size" campaigns and secretly think "well, that's nice, but I still want to be thinner"? Read on :)

Chip and Joanna Gaines Share Their Hilarious First Date Story

Chip and Joanna Gaines Share Their Hilarious First Date Story

by Megan Stein @

Chip and Joanna Gaines are the definition of marriage goals, but their relationship didn’t necessarily have a fairytale start.

In the first chapter of The Magnolia Storyreleased as a sneak peek today, the Fixer Upper dream team spills the details of how they met — and it wasn’t exactly love at first sight.

Joanna agreed to go out on a date with Chip after meeting him and his roommate “Hot John” — who she actually tried to approach minutes earlier, but was too shy — in the waiting room of her dad’s auto shop. She had second thoughts, however, after Chip arrived an hour and a half late to pick her up.

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“He didn’t apologize for being late, either. He had so much confidence. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. Only Chip could be an hour and a half late and have no one mad about it,” Joanna writes.

WATCH THIS: HGTV Stars Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri Compete to Make the Better Birdhouse

The chapter continues to describe the timeline of their relationship, which didn’t actually start until months after they first went out, when Chip (in typical guy fashion) finally called Joanna back.

“I’d made a bet with Hot John to see who could hold out the longest before calling our dates back,” Chip writes “I really wanted that fifty dollars from John! That’s the only reason I didn’t call.”

After they went out a second time, the rest was history.

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For the full access to the details on their meet-cute, relatable dating moments, and how they got their start on HGTV (hint: it involves a very expensive impulse buy), preorder the The Magnolia Story here.

Netflix Orders A New Comedy From Amy Poehler & Natasha Lyonne

by Mégane Choquet @ Konbini United States

A brand new comedy is set to brighten up Netflix's series catalog. Set to star is Natasha Lyonne, known to Orange Is the New Black fans for her role as Nicky Nichols, with none other than Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation) to executive produce. As Variety reports, the first season of the series, created by […]

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Victorias Secret vs. Dove

Victorias Secret vs. Dove


Group: Women Summary: I am discussing a viral picture that compares the advertising techniques of Victoria’s Secret and Dove.  Victoria Secret is using a “Love My Body Campaign.  In the picture sho…

John Lewis says Christmas offer must be ‘irresistible’ amid weaker consumer demand

by Thomas Hobbs @ Marketing Week

The retail giant says consumer demand for big-ticket purchases is now ‘more difficult', putting more pressure on the John Lewis Christmas campaign to succeed.

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"More Than A Number"

by (Samantha) @ Minor Numbers

I'm really excited to share this video with you guys today because it comes from one of my favorite role models that I follow: Brittany Dawn!

She is passionate, motivating, honest, and inspires thousands of girls every day. Her posts are so real as she's been through it all, and she's not afraid to share it. That's what I love because it encourages me and gives me hope not only for myself, but for others who might need to hear it as well. She's an awesome example of finding balance as well as showing girls how to love yourself and be confident in your own skin.

Recently, she switched websites and with it came a video that has such a powerful message. It's called "More Than A Number", and it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. When I asked Brittany if I could share her video, I told her that it spoke directly to my heart and I 100% mean that.

There was a time when I weighed myself multiple times a day, letting those three little insignificant digits define me. What number came up determined if I'd make myself run extra miles that day, cut back on my food, or worse yet, how much I felt I was worth.

Now, that number means crap. It can't add up to my worth, no number can. Our worth cannot be determined by a scale, a simple calculation of our relationship to gravity. We are all more than a number!

"I am more than the food that I eat,
I am more than the clothes that I wear,
More than what you think I should be or what I could be
I am more than what you place on me
More than the words that you give to my name"

I'm so glad that Brittany made this video because more people need to hear it and truly understand the message. I love how she opens up about her past struggles, and what she went through to become the woman she is today. Her story is so inspiring and it gives me strength to keep going on my own journey. To know that I'm not alone and that others have gone through similar things. 

Some days this video is just exactly what I need to hear and be reminded. I pray that it does the same for you.  
"Because I know who I am
I know what I stand for
And I know what I'm worth
And no one can take that away from me"