Dove Natural Beauty Campaign

The Dove Campaign for Natural Beauty

The Dove Campaign for Natural Beauty

Social Media for Goodness Sake

Dove launched their Campaign for Natural Beauty in 2004 after their finding in a study they conducted that only 2% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful. The campaign beg…

Dove releases rogue Photoshop action that undoes 'real beauty' manipulations

Dove releases rogue Photoshop action that undoes 'real beauty' manipulations

The Verge

Skin care company Dove has targeted airbrushers and photo manipulators with a Photoshop action in an attempt to take its "real beauty" campaign viral. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty was launched...

Twitter isn’t really buying Dove’s new ‘Real Beauty Bottles’ campaign

Twitter isn’t really buying Dove’s new ‘Real Beauty Bottles’ campaign

CW33 NewsFix

PRINCETON, NJ -- If companies ever wonder whether their next big marketing campaign will be a hit or miss, they should just consult social media.Dove is no different. The brand has just launched their new 'Real Beauty Bottles,' where they've matched your body type with a kind of body wash.In social media fashion, people have come clean about it-- turning it into a hilarious soap opera!

Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign masks real racism | The Daily Dot

Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign masks real racism | The Daily Dot

The Daily Dot

Many viewers have called Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" viral video "beautiful" and "eye-opening," but others are concerned about its hidden message. 

The Problem with Dove | THE ILLUSIONISTS

The Problem with Dove | THE ILLUSIONISTS

THE ILLUSIONISTS - a documentary about body image and globalization

The dark side of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign: from its controversial parent company, to the marketing of Dove skin whitening deodorants in India...

Copyranter: Dove's femvertising is anything but 'real' - Digiday

Copyranter: Dove's femvertising is anything but 'real' - Digiday


For over 10 years, the personal care brand has passive-aggressively assaulted women’s physical insecurities to sell beauty products, argues Mark Duffy.

Influencer marketing is growing up with tighter contracts

by Yuyu Chen @ Digiday

Multiple influencer agencies have updated their brand contracts to add clarity to social stars' rights and advertisers' campaign requirements.

The post Influencer marketing is growing up with tighter contracts appeared first on Digiday.

Consuming Constructions: A Critique of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty

Consuming Constructions: A Critique of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty


On Jan 1, 2009 Lauren Dye published: Consuming Constructions: A Critique of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty

Video Spotlight: January 2017

by Visible Measures @ Visible Measures

In January there was more variety in the video content released by brands, from funny videos to those highlighting new innovations. Campaigns launched in January garnered over 811 million views during the month, 24 million social views, and Starbucks had the most views of any brand.

How Norway Changed Chris Burkard’s Approach to Photography

by Jayphen Simpson @ PetaPixel

In this beautiful short film by filmmaker Vincent Urban, photographer Chris Burkard tells the story of how after growing weary of surf photography in crowded cities he sought solitude, adventure, and beauty in remote places. He found it in Norway’s Lofoten Islands. Chris Burkard, one of Instagram’s most popular photographers (he has 2.8 million followers), […]

The Top 10 Video Ads of Super Bowl LI

by Visible Measures @ Visible Measures

While the majority of the top campaigns of the 2017 Super Bowl included funny ads and celebrity appearances, a few standouts of the top campaigns took a more serious tone. Budweiser's Born The Hard Way, which grabbed first place, tells the story of the company's founder immigrating to the United States, and Audi's Daughter which calls for equality for women and equal [...]

Dove ripped apart for latest #RealBeauty campaign featuring curvy bottles

Dove ripped apart for latest #RealBeauty campaign featuring curvy bottles

'You're a straight up b---- if you buy the skinny Dove bottle.'

Go Out Without

by (Liah El Fadel) @ Persuasion and Influence

The problem

Homelessness is on the rise in the UK and social stigma is not helping.

With 3,569 people sleeping rough each night in England (The Salvation Army, 2017) and twice the number of young people between 18-24 years old sleeping in the streets of London since 2009 (Comic Relief, 2017), we knew we wanted to change society’s attitude towards this issue.

Indeed, society currently has a tendency to alienate, stigmatise and blame homeless people for their situation instead of considering economic and social factors that can lead to a quick slip into homelessness (Belcher & DeForge, 2012).  Stigmatisation has two main damaging effects. Firstly, society treats itself as the in-group and those who are homeless as an outgroup (Becker, 1963). According to the Social Identity Theory (Tajfel, 1981) people prefer and help those who they feel are similar to them while maximising the difference with those considered outsiders. This tendency has alarming consequences, indeed Corrigan, & Wassel (2008) found that those who are stigmatised are aware of it and thus are likely to internalise it which contributes to drug and alcohol struggles (Room, 2005).

Belcher et al. (2012) proposed that the best way to break the cycle is by breaking the stigma. The good news is people want to help (Link et al., 1995).

Our solution

Through our behaviour change project, we focused on breaking these barriers: we hypothesised that making homeless people more relatable and introducing them as part of the in-group would encourage society to help them. Additionally, we ensured our video would give people the means to safely and frequently help those who are homeless, starting with a simple acknowledgement, “hello!”, to a donation towards the Salvation Army.

Steps 1, 2 and 3…

The first step our group took was contacting the Salvation Army in Leamington Spa to hear their ideas and thoughts on our project. Following the Yale Attitude Change Approach (Hovland, 1953), it was clear an authoritative and credible source was key to a persuasive message. After scheduling meetings with managers at the Salvation Army it was agreed that we would volunteer weekly at the drop in sessions and after gaining the trust of those using the Salvation Army’s services, we would conduct short informal interviews. The interviews with Shushi and Mel were purposely kept relaxed and informal in order to capture a real picture of the parts of their lives they were willing to share. Having real testimonies was another source of authority in our project. In fact, research showed that contact with homeless people increased people’s sympathy towards them (Farrell, & Link, 2004).

 In parallel, we had several filming days where we walked around Leamington Spa filming clips representing the wealthy consumer culture and contrasting them to the more isolated places in which homeless people seek refuge. We put together a powerful and informative video combining images, statistics, a voiceover and music.

Our clear message

The Yale Attitude Change Approach (Hovland, 1953) emphasises the importance of a strong message in order to increase persuasiveness. Therefore, our message was clear: “This could happen to You”. We emphasised this using repetition throughout the video. All elements in our video were directed towards one underlying message: homeless people are not so different from you. They do their laundry, have families, experience loneliness, live on the same street: they are “Humans of Leamington Spa”.

Our targeted audience

Lastly, as part of The Yale Attitude Change Approach (Hovland, 1953) we tailored our message to a specific audience in mind: students, in particular students living in Leamington Spa. Indeed, our title “Humans of Leamington Spa” would have more effect on them. Additionally, we hypothesised that those students would recognise the places shown in the video and thus feel more positively about the project. Our audience was easily reachable through the University’s numerous Facebook groups, we proceeded to share our video on the different pages dedicated to halls, degrees, Freshers, etc. The way we spread and shared our video was based on social loafing. Indeed, Weaver et al. (2007) found that a message heard several times was perceived as a more popular opinion, therefore we ensured that students would view the video message through multiple channels.

Our strategic format

We choose to create a video for our project such that we could share it on social media and our targeted audience could interact with it, leveraging two behaviour change techniques: consistency and foot-in-the-door technique. Indeed, once finalised, our video was shared over Facebook alongside the various captions “please watch, like and share”, “help us break stigmas by liking”, “want to help us break the stigma? Like this video!” etc. Firstly, according to the foot-in-the-door technique, people are more likely to accept a bigger request if they previously accepted to do a smaller one (Freedman & Fraser, 1966). In this context, first liking our video would be the smaller request and we hope that in the near future, people will start saying a quick “hello!” to the homeless they encounter and that this would quickly escalate to buying the big issue and donating to the Salvation Army. Indeed, according to Bem’s Self-perception Theory of Attitudes (1972) people seek to be consistent across their attitudes and behaviours, therefore having supported the homeless on Facebook, people would be more likely to commit to doing it on the streets.

Our measurable impact

Our video was shared more than 15 times on Facebook. It reached 200 views and accumulated over 40 likes. We are confident that our project will have an immediate impact on people’s behaviour, indeed while students are more reluctant to donate money, starting by acknowledging the presence of the homeless with a simple “hello!” could quickly escalate to sharing a coffee, buying the big issue and donating to the Salvation Army.

Alexandra de Buchet


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by alexandriaschell @ Ohio University Strategic Social Media

Our campaign is centered on a new Twitter account, @JoinUSColumbus, and a new hashtag, #KeystoColumbus. The overarching goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of the Certified Tourism Ambassador program in Columbus, while the more specific objective is to obtain 3,000 followers on the new Twitter account. We aim to reach 3,000 followers for […]

Brothers Drake #EntertainWithMEAD

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Through our Social Media Campaign Proposal, the primary goal is to increase the bond between Brothers Drake Meadery and the community, as well as the consumers around them. Brothers Drake Meadery cares about the community in Columbus, and wants to give back to them the freshest mead made from locally grown ingredients. With hopes of […]

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